Educational Expedition!


A Memorable Educational Expedition!

On October 10, 2023, MDVM Parle School students embarked on an enlightening journey to NIIT University, Neemrana. 🏛️

The visit showcased a grand 100-acre campus, bubbling with enthusiastic students and insightful professors. 🌿📚

Warmly welcomed, and explored the campus’s stunning surroundings and had a delicious breakfast to fuel the day. 🍽️🌄

Planting on the Aravali hills, mesmerized by the lush beauty, nurturing the appreciation for nature. 🌳🏔️

The cactus garden’s creativity and the campus’s natural air conditioning were impressive! 🌵❄️

Orientation sessions by President Prof. Parimal Mandke and the Academic Dean were truly enlightening. Everyone got a glimpse into the future vision and diverse clubs on campus. 🤝📝

The visit to NIIT University inspired the students with a commitment to higher education and career exploration. The welcoming atmosphere left a lasting impact, igniting kids’ determination! 🔥🎓

Special thanks to NIIT University for this incredible opportunity! We look forward to strengthening our connection in the future. 🤗🙌


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