Energy Swaraj Yatra


*Energizing Young Minds with Solar Brilliance*

MDVM School recently hosted an inspiring Energy Swaraj Yatra session with a special focus on harnessing the potential of solar energy. The event welcomed a distinguished guest, *Professor Chetan Singh Solanki,* a prominent figure known as *the Solar Man of India.*

Professor Chetan Singh Solanki, a leading expert in the field of solar energy, delivered an enlightening presentation on the importance of solar energy in the context of achieving energy independence and sustainability.

Students had the opportunity to visit Professor Solanki’s solar bus, which displayed innovative solar technologies and their practical applications. This hands-on experience left an indelible impression on the young learners.

Our Principal Sir encouraged students to explore and adopt solar energy options, emphasizing the importance of young minds in propelling India’s clean energy revolution. His inspiring words motivated and empowered the youngsters.

The session surely sparked students’ interest in solar energy and environmental sustainability, having a significant impact on their educational journey and their dedication to a greener destiny.

*As a wise saying goes, “The sun is free, why not harness its brilliance?”*







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