Celebrating ATL Community Day and Earth Day at MDVM


A big shoutout to the vibrant MDVians from classes 6 and 7 who took centre stage, leading an engaging activity at our school. Their creativity and innovation were on full display as they welcomed fellow schools to join in the fun. Moments like these truly embody the spirit of community and collaboration. Kudos to all the participants for making today unforgettable!

Let’s give a huge round of applause to our eco-warriors from classes 1 to 5 for their fantastic Earth Day celebration! Their dedication to our planet is truly inspiring.

And let’s not forget the compassionate students from classes 3 to 5 who spread joy by conducting a bird-feeding activity. Their kindness towards our feathered friends is heartwarming! #ATLCommunityDay#Innovation#YoungMinds#SchoolPride#EarthDay#SaveThePlanet#EcoWarriors#BirdFeeding#Kindness#Compassion

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