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“The Internet gave us access to everything, but it also gave everything access to us.”

James Veitch

MDVM School recently hosted an enlightening cyber security session on May 14, 2024, tailored specifically for students in grades VIII to XII. Led by Dr Surendra Singh, Assistant Professor at NIIT University Neemrana, the session delved into essential topics surrounding cyber safety and security in the digital age.

With active participation from our students, the session provided valuable insights into online safety practices. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to NIIT University for facilitating this informative session and helping our students understand the importance of internet safety.

The session guided students on the policy of ZERO TRUST on any links and online content, and to maintain a healthy and positive DIGITAL DIET.

Dr Singh shared various real-life cases to alert the students of the prevalent serious cyber-crime cases around the domains of AI, deepfake, online gaming, cyber bullying and others.

He stated that in today’s digital era, Data is used as a weapon. Students were guided on various cyber safety tips, privacy settings and much more. They were asked to control their screen time and also be mindful of the digital diet they consume.

Thank you to Dr. Surendra Singh and NIIT University for empowering our students with essential knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world safely!


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