Pankhuri Arora – III C


46 responses to “Pankhuri Arora – III C”

  1. Neha Avatar

    Very good project by waste

  2. Neha Avatar

    Very good project by waste

  3. Nidhish Avatar

    Good Project .
    Good Confidence

  4. Sourabh Avatar

    Mind blowing

  5. Arun Avatar

    Nice cause explanation in short

  6. Sahej Avatar

    My experience is good

  7. Yash Chauhan Avatar

    Very good awareness initiative

  8. Munna kumar Avatar

    Very good awareness activities. Keep it up!!

  9. Nand Bhanwar Avatar

    Nice Awareness of Airpollution

  10. Sourabh Avatar

    Wow.. Good Initiative

  11. Sourabh Arora Avatar

    Well Drafted Prototype.. Very well explained

  12. Akash Avatar

    Well Drafted Prototype.. Very well explained

  13. Aman Avatar
  14. Aman Avatar

    Excellent information given by Pankhuri Arora.

  15. Vandna goel Avatar

    Good presentation

  16. Shobhna Avatar

    Very well explained Pakhi,
    Good job

  17. Shobhna Avatar

    Very well explained,Good job

  18. Ravinder kaur Avatar

    Wow , Very nice, keep it up.

  19. Aman Chawla Avatar

    Intelligent girl , Keep doing good work, best of luck

  20. Anjan Avatar

    Very Gud..Keep it up .

  21. Amanjot Avatar

    Well explained with waste material

  22. Amanjot Avatar

    Well explained by Pankhuri Arora

  23. Sahej Avatar

    Excellent project

  24. Aman Avatar

    Really very good project with waste material and very helpful.

  25. Amanjot Avatar

    Amazing performance by Pankhudi Arora with waste material.Keep it up.

  26. Neha Avatar
  27. Sona Avatar

    Great explanation

  28. Amrita Avatar

    Mind blowing

  29. Pankhuri Avatar

    Very well explained
    Keep it up

  30. Prabhnoor Avatar

    Very good project

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