Satvik – LKG B


41 responses to “Satvik – LKG B”

  1. Riya Vardhan Saxena Avatar

    Amazing satvik, you are best

  2. Aakash Saxena Avatar
  3. Anju Saxena Avatar

    100 marks for creativity

  4. A Avatar

    cute little hands at work … Keep going Satvik

  5. Anu Avatar

    Very good

  6. Kabil Avatar

    Good good very good

  7. Manali Saxena Avatar

    Creativity at its finest!!

  8. Kirti Avatar

    Proud of my child …. Keep it up

  9. Sunset tiwari Avatar

    Very good…
    Nice work, keep it up

  10. Surbhi saxena Avatar

    Gud effort…… Nice

  11. Sumit Saxena Avatar

    Very good theme for creativity generation, Satvik was very excited about his project.

  12. Priya Avatar

    Very creative.. well done

  13. Varsha Avatar

    Well-done junior

  14. Manali Saxena Avatar

    Creativity at its finest

  15. Kiran singh Avatar

    Great job bachha

  16. Sa Avatar

    Very creative

  17. Saksham Avatar

    Very creative

  18. Himanshu Avatar

    Wonderful creation by the little one. Creativity in kids and children is something that we should always encourage.

  19. Eram Naaz Avatar

    Very good theame… & creative also…

  20. Nishtha Avatar

    Wow …very nice satvik …keep it up….

  21. Priyaank Avatar

    Well done. Future automobile engineer with innovation

  22. Hitesh Avatar

    Nice satvik

  23. Pradisha Avatar

    Well done keep it up beta

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