Adya – II B


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  1. Manish Avatar

    Good creativity

  2. Priyanka Mishra Avatar

    It’s helpful for save our environment

  3. Nisha Mishra Avatar

    Outstanding performance my child, God bless you

  4. Shubham Tiwari Avatar

    Best done by waste is a very good start-up and kaizen,
    Good done and best inceatve have been taken by you.
    Clean earth save Earth

  5. Saurav Sharma Avatar

    Great job done by cute baby Adya.

  6. Ekta Tiwari Avatar

    Very good bachcha…
    you are very talented girl❣️

  7. Ekta Tiwari Avatar

    Very good bachcha…
    you are very talented girl….❣️

  8. Isha Avatar

    Excellent adhya..

  9. Anjana chauhan Avatar

    Wow Adhya you made a superb flower pot.
    Best of luck Adhya

  10. Abhishek Garg Avatar

    Great good creativity

  11. Chandni Sandhu Avatar

    Very Good Job Done…. Made a Best From Waste..Keep it up

  12. AARTI VAJA Avatar

    Superrb creativity, Well Done Adya.. Lots of blessings and love..

  13. AARTI VAJA Avatar

    Superrb creativity, Well Done Adya.. Lots of blessings and love.. keep it up

  14. AARTI VAJA Avatar

    Loved the idea

  15. Shaveta Avatar

    Very creative…keep it up Beta

  16. Aesha Avatar

    Very nice beta
    Keep it up

  17. Sandhya Singh Avatar

    The craft display were creative and high quality. It was a great opportunity for the students to come together and appreciate the arts.

  18. Meenakshi Avatar

    Bahut badhiya luvee

  19. Abhishek Avatar

    Achha kiye beti good

  20. Babita mishra Avatar

    Very nice,it is wonderful

  21. Bhavna Joshi Avatar

    Very nice Bete…keep it up ♥️

  22. Naveen Avatar

    Beautiful … keep it up

  23. Pramod Avatar

    Excellent work

  24. Harshita Avatar

    Good girl all the best

  25. Pooja dii Avatar

    Nice activity

  26. कमलेश Avatar

    बहुत बहुत बधाई

  27. सरयूदादा Avatar

    होनहार विरवान के गोत चीकने पात

  28. सरयूदादा Avatar

    होनहार विरवान के होत चीकने पात

  29. Anita mishra Avatar

    Beta god blesss ypu

  30. Priya Mishra Avatar

    Art is a diverse range of human activity, and its resulting product, that involves creative or imaginative talent generally expressive of technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas.

  31. Shiv kumar Avatar

    Creating something

  32. Sameer Avatar

    good beta keep going

  33. Manmohan Avatar

    Good adya
    Thx to school teachers

  34. Vishwa Tiwari Avatar

    This is good massage for recycling ♻️

  35. Manmohan Avatar

    Good adya
    Thx to school teachers

  36. Yashwant Choudhary Avatar
  37. Arpit Tiwari Avatar

    Good Adya, I appreciate your creativity.

  38. Gourav Pandya Avatar

    Very nice adya.. All the best for your bright future

  39. Anitha S Avatar

    Good work indeed good initiative!!!

  40. Shivesh Avatar

    good initiative.
    keep it up …

  41. Subhash kumar patel Avatar

    very creative arts work outstanding Adya

  42. Bharath Avatar

    Excellent… Keep it up .very good

  43. Prasnna kumar Avatar

    Very good. Keep it up

  44. K .malviya Avatar

    Excellent ideas good job adya

  45. Adarsh tiwari Avatar

    Great work aadya

  46. Vikrant Singh Avatar

    Excellent work Aadya. Very confident

  47. Umakant Avatar

    Excellent work..

  48. Umakant Avatar

    Excellent work done beta.. keep it up

  49. Umakant Avatar

    Excellent work done beta.. keep it up

  50. Nafees Avatar

    Well Done Adyar you are so confident. It is Environment friendly, Lots of blessings and love.. keep it up

  51. Priti Mishra Avatar

    This is so beautiful. Keep it up

  52. Sourabh sharma Avatar

    It’s helpful for save our environment superb

  53. Arvind tripathi Avatar

    Very nice Bete…keep it up ♥️

  54. Ajay singh Avatar
    Ajay singh

    God bless you beti

  55. Sanjay Avatar

    Best wishes for bright future

  56. Mukesh Avatar
  57. Anupam Choubey Avatar

    Excellent!! Keep it up.

  58. Anupam Choubey Avatar

    Excellent!! Keep the the spirit and good work.

  59. Arun saraswat Avatar

    Excellent nice creativity

  60. Sivesh Avatar

    Very well done beta excellent creativity

  61. Anjana chauhan Avatar

    Superb very nice aadhya, keep it up beta

  62. Mithun DG Avatar

    Superb and very good work.Keep it up Adya

  63. Mithun DG Avatar

    Exceptional activity.Keep it up Adya!!

  64. Jitendra Avatar

    Good beta aise hi karte raho

  65. Sujata Avatar

    Sure u r very good

  66. Kunal Avatar

    Very nice lado

  67. Kunal Avatar

    Very nice lado

  68. Satpal Avatar

    Excellent idea

  69. Satpal Avatar

    Excellent idea and creativity

  70. Dev Avatar

    Very nice,it is wonderful

  71. Yash Bhatla Avatar

    Beautiful Adya keep growing

  72. Sandhya Avatar

    ,,❣️good beti

  73. Neeraj Avatar

    Shandar luvee

  74. S k khurana Avatar

    Good going keep it up

  75. Dr sujata Avatar

    Excellent creativity

  76. Dr uma nigam Avatar

    All the best beta

  77. J k gupta Avatar

    Do it beta
    Good luck for school staff for these kinds of creativity

  78. Nehman khan Avatar

    Best wishes adya

  79. Monika jain Avatar

    Nice activity planed by school
    Good keep it up

  80. Himanshu Avatar

    Great work adya.

    By making things using waste can protect environment and raise awareness.

    Very good

  81. महेंद्र कुमार Avatar

    बहुत सुंदर रचना

  82. Anamika jain Avatar

    Good do it again and again it will make u perfect

  83. Dr abhilash Avatar

    Hi adya
    Done well the best

  84. D k singh Avatar

    Hello Adya
    Good keep it up
    U are talented girl u need the good environment from school I know ur future is bright
    All the best for your competition
    Thank you

  85. Pooja vishndasni Avatar

    Adya u r doing outstanding work
    Do continue
    All the best

  86. Ajeet Avatar

    Adya fantastic work
    All the best

  87. Nishkam joshi Avatar

    Adya good creativity best wishes to you and ur parents and teachers

  88. Ramesh Avatar

    Jandar bacha
    Do well

  89. Sajid Avatar

    Good adya Tiwari
    Keep roaring

  90. Banshroop mishra Avatar

    Ram ji ka ashirwad bna rhe
    Aise khoob aange badho beta

  91. J k sharma Avatar

    Grate do well beta

  92. J k sharma Avatar

    Grate do well beta

  93. Gagan Avatar

    बहुत सुंदर

  94. Harmeet kaur Avatar

    Good performance by adya
    Do well

  95. Sameer chauhan Avatar

    Hello adya
    U r doing well
    Keep trying

  96. K c soni Avatar

    Good adya
    U r doing good job do it

  97. Suresh thakkar Avatar

    Sure u are talented

  98. Manas Avatar

    Good good good
    Mast beta

  99. Manas Avatar

    Good good good
    Mast beta

  100. Sinha amit Avatar

    Wahhh beta
    Do it

  101. Sam karan Avatar

    Do well beta

  102. Shivani Avatar

    Good work bete

  103. Shubhi Avatar

    Adya Well done

  104. Swati Varma Avatar

    Outstanding performance

  105. Seema Avatar

    Super betaa

  106. Suman Avatar

    Beautiful bete

  107. Sushma Avatar

    अति सुन्दर बेटा

  108. Gaurav Avatar

    Bahot badhiya

  109. Pari Avatar

    Great bete

  110. Vaibhav Avatar

    Super se uper gudiya rani

  111. Vaishnavi Avatar

    Accha kar rahi ho beta

  112. radha Avatar

    Accha h betii

  113. Jyoti Avatar

    Bahot badhiya betii

  114. Dipali Avatar

    Hello adya ….
    Good beta

  115. Garima Avatar

    Niceee work bete

  116. Mr.ramesh Avatar

    Aise hi aange badho beti ….

  117. Shyamu Avatar

    Awesome work betiii❤️

  118. dr.pragya agraval Avatar

    Bahot badhiya betii ….mahakaal ka aashirwad bna rahe

  119. Gazal Avatar

    Wow adya ❤️
    Nicee beta

  120. Ritu dixit Avatar
  121. Reshma Avatar

    Behtreen work

  122. Shilpa Avatar

    Outstanding performance

  123. Dr.meenal Avatar

    Welll done adya

  124. Anamika Tamrakar Avatar

    Creativity is a peace of our mind

  125. Purnima kumari Avatar

    Helpful for our home decoration

  126. Balram Avatar

    Something learn about waste material

  127. Roshan Avatar

    Very good work

  128. Santana Avatar

    To learn other children also to make it

  129. Jai prakasd Avatar

    Creativity is good for all

  130. Priyanka amar payasi Avatar

    Nice creativity good beta keep it up…

  131. Jigyasa Avatar

    Super thought

  132. Mayank Avatar

    Good Job Don Adya keep it up

  133. Ashwani Avatar

    Work is good

  134. Deelip Avatar

    Work is good

  135. Akhilesh Avatar

    Art is a change of mind

  136. Sanvi verma Avatar

    Good creativity

  137. Virendra Avatar

    Creativity is good for all

  138. Ashok Tiwari Avatar

    Good do always better

  139. Lalita mishra Avatar

    Good beti
    U have done fantastic work
    Keep it up

  140. Lalita mishra Avatar

    Good beti
    U have done fantastic work
    Keep it up

  141. Lalita mishra Avatar

    Good beti
    U have done fantastic work
    Keep it up

  142. Lalita mishra Avatar

    Good beti
    U have done fantastic work
    Keep it up

  143. Ravikant Avatar

    So nice ❤️

  144. Rubi Avatar

    Wow really nice

  145. Mauli Avatar

    Beautiful creation

  146. Nidhi jha Avatar

    So lovely adya

  147. Pooja gupta Avatar

    Wow beautiful luvee❤️

  148. Savita yadav Avatar

    Bahot badhiya luvee

  149. Lucky mishra Avatar

    keep it up ❤️

  150. Priyanka dwivedi Avatar

    Beautiful video betiii

  151. Priya shrivastav Avatar

    Wow so beautiful ❤️

  152. Riddhima Avatar

    Good creativity ❤️

  153. Padma Avatar

    Accha kar rahi ho

  154. Geetanjali Avatar

    Hii adya
    Very nice

  155. Dr. Mishra Avatar

    Accha kar rahi ho beta

  156. Dr. Mishra Avatar

    Well done adya ❤️

  157. Snehlata Avatar

    Adya beti good performance

  158. Zara khan Avatar


  159. Neha Avatar

    Mind-blowing art

  160. Roshan Avatar
  161. Alka Avatar

    This is beautiful art❤️

  162. Shyama Avatar

    Fabulous art❤️

  163. Gungun parihar Avatar

    Beautiful decoration

  164. Sonam jain Avatar

    Good art ❤️

  165. Ramkali Avatar

    Aise hi aage badho

  166. Shikha niranjan Avatar

    Jai Shri Ram beti
    Bahot hi badhiya kar rahi ho

  167. Magan Avatar

    Very good art beti

  168. Jaysingh Avatar

    Jabajast beti

  169. R k mushra Avatar

    Good aise hi khoob aange badho

  170. Pradeep gupta Avatar

    Excellent job beta
    Keep it up
    Do well

  171. R c jain Avatar

    God blesss you
    Khoob tarki karo beta

  172. P k singh Avatar

    Good beta do well

  173. Sadaf khan Avatar

    Good beti
    Keep doing

  174. Awadhraj singh Avatar

    Dance k bad creativity
    Good beti
    No 1

  175. Awadhraj singh Avatar

    Dance k bad creativity
    Good beti
    No 1

  176. Sameer singh Avatar

    Achhaaa Sandesh beta
    Bahut sunder

  177. Vishakha Mishra Avatar

    Very nice creativity

  178. E j desuja Avatar

    Sure u r good speaker

  179. Aprna namdev Avatar

    Interesting message

  180. Rupesh gupta Avatar

    Ur voice is very confident

  181. Rahul jain Avatar
  182. Gyanu Avatar


  183. Niranjana patel Avatar

    Good creation with the help of waste material

  184. Jigna Avatar

    Keep it up beta

  185. Atul Avatar

    Accha kar rahi ho

  186. Radharani Avatar

    Beautiful activity

  187. Radharani Avatar

    Beautiful activity❤️

  188. Mayank Avatar

    Beautiful video

  189. Aakash tiwari Avatar

    Fabulous art bete

  190. Swara Avatar

    Very good adya beti …..

  191. JAGDEESH RATHI Avatar


  192. DR PRAKASH Avatar


  193. Shivi khare Avatar

    Nice flower pot

  194. Sumit Avatar

    Creativity is good

  195. Vinay Trivedi Avatar

    Wow very good ❤️



  197. CHAMAN LAL BHANU Avatar


  198. SHARDA GAUTAM Avatar


  199. Nidhi dubey Avatar
  200. Kajal Mishra Avatar

    Creativity allways good

  201. Varsha singh Avatar

    Good Recycling with waste material

  202. Prasang bajaj Avatar
  203. Priynk jain Avatar

    Outstanding performance

  204. Sushma gattani Avatar

    Sure u r talented

  205. Roshni singh Avatar

    Achha kary sharahneey kadam

  206. Rishi Avatar

    Good job done ✔️

  207. Dinesh Avatar

    Waste is best-selling

  208. Samarth dev Avatar

    सुन्दर काम

  209. Pratima jha Avatar

    Flower pot looking so good

  210. Manas Tiwari Avatar


  211. Pranjali Mishra Avatar

    It’s looking good

  212. Rahul Tiwari Avatar

    Your thoughts is nice Adya

  213. Sanjeet khare Avatar

    Well done
    Good going
    All the best for ur future

  214. Nisha Avatar

    You are the best

  215. Jyoti Avatar

    Lovee miri Jaan keep it up beta

  216. Shanti Avatar

    Keep it up beta God bless you

  217. Rohit Avatar

    Lovely flower pot

  218. Aalok Mishra Avatar

    Aise hi acchi soch Rakhio. God bless you beta.good

  219. Deev wiorah Avatar

    Creativity is a change of mind

  220. Buddhdev Avatar

    My good girl doing good work

  221. Amrita Arora Avatar
  222. Sonam jha Avatar

    Wow, beautiful flowers pot

  223. Snehlata khare Avatar

    Aise hi aur acha banao

  224. Jai goutam Avatar

    Innovative ideas

  225. Robin dubey Avatar

    Nice creativity

  226. Adya pandey Avatar

    Creativity gives us new things

  227. Arya chaturvedi Avatar

    Creativity is good

  228. Radha verma Avatar
  229. Reshma Roy Avatar

    Creativity is a making marvelous out of the discarded

  230. Mahaveer Mahto Avatar

    Do something creative everyday

  231. Anshul Gogre Avatar

    Clean outs corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it

  232. Megha Satyarthi Avatar

    Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye

  233. Suhani sagar Avatar

    Art is often created through re -imagining of ordinary thing

  234. Pranshul Dwivedi Avatar

    Recycling turns things into other things which is like magic

  235. Ayushmaan khare Avatar

    Creative people don’t have mess they have ideas lying around everywhere

  236. Roshni upadhyay Avatar

    An Artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision

  237. Rimjhim khare Avatar

    Creativity is never goes out of the style

  238. Shishu goutam Avatar

    Making art helps you discover more of who you are

  239. Saurabh Chaturvedi Avatar

    Creativity is not a option.Its essential

  240. Shanu upadhyay Avatar

    Recycling is a good place to start but a bad plce to stop

  241. Anjali Sharma Avatar

    Creativity is not a competition

  242. Manish Tiwari Avatar

    Art is never finished only abandoned

  243. Anupam garg Avatar

    Get best out of waste good initiative for green earth

  244. Riddhi Avatar

    Bahut badhiya

  245. Shrikant Kohli Avatar

    Creativity takes courage

  246. Mala garg Avatar

    Small step get great creation good

  247. Subodh Prasad Avatar

    Art is where work meet loves

  248. Arpaita Avatar

    It’s very helpful to others for new creation

  249. Kirti Avatar

    Aise hi life me kuch accha krte rho

  250. Nayansi Avatar

    Lovely flower pot

  251. Poonam Avatar

    One of the best

  252. Bhavika Avatar
  253. Ritu roy Avatar

    Very nice beta

  254. Saroj Mishra Avatar

    Beti Rani accha kr rhi ho

  255. Hansuja Avatar
  256. Golu Sharma Avatar

    Creativity is intelligence having fun

  257. Jitendra mishra Avatar
  258. Sandeep soni Avatar

    Creativity is an act of defence

  259. Surekha pathak Avatar

    Best work little one

  260. Riya jaiswal Avatar

    Have a good work

  261. Trwinkle Tamrakar Avatar

    Creative mind inspire others

  262. Sapna Arora Avatar

    So Elegant Adya

  263. Sruti jha Avatar

    Well done beta

  264. Deepak tiwari Avatar
  265. Praveen Tripathi Avatar

    Aise hi aacha kaam karte raho

  266. Prabhat dubey Avatar
  267. Gopal dubey Avatar
  268. Shivani sukhendra Avatar

    Create the things you wish existed

  269. Vandana Mishra Avatar
  270. Mrinal Manohtra Avatar

    Your idea is so good

  271. Mishti Roy Avatar

    Flower pot looking pretty

  272. Susma Dwivedi Avatar

    Girl doing work hard for making flower pot beautiful

  273. Sapna singh Avatar

    Wah beta do well always

  274. Sapna singh Avatar

    Wah beta do well always

  275. Arun bahlani Avatar

    Bahut sunder

  276. Sahodar dubey Avatar

    Performance alway well

  277. Trigendra Avatar

    Outstanding work

  278. Sunaina Avatar

    Accha hai …

  279. Munni Avatar

    Wow nice girl

  280. Roopali Avatar
  281. Rani pandey Avatar

    Something good to nothing

  282. Gudiya Avatar

    Chha gai hamari adya

  283. Babu Prasad Shukla Avatar

    Bahut badhia beta khus Raho ange badho

  284. Sona Avatar

    Khub khush raho beti …..

  285. Magan Avatar

    Aati sundar

  286. Shruchi Avatar

    Behtreen work

  287. Jeet Avatar

    Bahot badhiya

  288. Pushkar Avatar
  289. Gunjan Avatar

    Wow adya beti bahot accha kar rahi ho

  290. Yash Avatar
  291. Jatan Avatar

    So beautiful

  292. Prashant Avatar

    Hey adya beti good
    Good work

  293. Navya Avatar

    Beautiful ❤️

  294. Pranjali Avatar

    Beautiful decoration adya

  295. Dilip jha Avatar

    Fantastic work

  296. Kratika lalwani Avatar

    सुन्दर कृति

  297. Varun viswas Avatar

    Adya nice attempt

  298. Bablu rajak Avatar

    Good creativity

  299. Simran Ahuja Avatar

    Creativity is good for Nature

  300. Kushal vediya Avatar

    How tallented girl

  301. Aalok Shrivastav Avatar

    Girls are so talented

  302. Aarti Goutam Avatar
  303. Dharam Avatar

    Super se uper

  304. Sujata Avatar

    Excellent beta
    Bahot hi accha bna rahi ho

  305. Mansukhlaal Avatar

    Beautiful video

  306. Ishani Avatar

    So nice ….

  307. Indrajeet Avatar

    Beautiful ❤️

  308. Sukhlaal patel Avatar

    Badhiya kar rahi betiya

  309. Balbant Avatar

    Tu si chha gye ….

  310. Ricky Avatar

    Decoration ❤️

  311. Pushplata Avatar

    Hey adya beta
    Good beta… keep it up

  312. Amarjeet Avatar
  313. Veer Avatar

    Good decoration

  314. Laxmi Avatar
  315. Kamal Avatar

    Beautiful art bete

  316. Rama Avatar

    Good work
    God bless u baccha

  317. Manshi Avatar

    Very good luvee

  318. Ranjan Goutam Avatar

    Aise hi aage bado

  319. Roopsi Avatar
  320. Alka Ganguly Avatar
  321. Om Tripathi Avatar

    Always something created

  322. Pinky Sharma Avatar

    Art is exercised our mind

  323. Aarti khare Avatar

    Adya is so good

  324. Chandramukhi Avatar

    Be a part of the solution, Not part of the pollution

  325. Mahima choudhary Avatar

    Art speaks where words are unable to explain

  326. Aditya Birla Avatar

    Arts gives many things to us

  327. Gurpreet Avatar

    Beti tussi kamaal kar ditta

  328. Revti tiwari Avatar
  329. Tara jaishwal Avatar

    Bahut badhiya beta

  330. Dia Mishra Avatar
  331. Rohan singh Avatar

    All the very best beta

  332. Mohit Avatar
  333. Ishan tiwari Avatar

    Well done Adya.lots of blessings and love

  334. Ram Tiwari Avatar

    Nice creativity

  335. Rashmi Gautam Avatar
  336. Jyoti Mishra Avatar

    Your are my angel very nice

  337. SHRUTI JAIN Avatar


  338. ANUJ SINGH Avatar


  339. KUSHLENDRA Avatar
  340. Sulekha srivastav Avatar

    Beautiful flower pot

  341. Pragati chaudary Avatar

    Great Adya continue

  342. Ayush khare Avatar

    Idea is so good