Hardayansh – II C


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  1. PAWAN KUMAR Avatar

    The best creativity of hardayansh Gupta

  2. RINKU YADAV Avatar

    Excellent creativity

  3. aarti Avatar

    his work is COMMENDABLE, efforts done by HIM WONDERFUL

    excellent job.

  4. JITENDER Avatar

    Nice job done by little boy, recycling and usage of waste by such kind of methods really commendable.

  5. Lalit Gupta Avatar

    Suberb art work.

  6. Lalit Mahawar Avatar

    Fantastic Work Hardayansh ! Keep continue.

  7. MONIKA GUPTA Avatar

    Nice work HARDAYANSH!
    Best of Luck beta.Keep it up champ.

  8. Vaishali Avatar

    Nicely used waste material

  9. manoj gupta Avatar

    Very good work Beta

  10. Pradeep gupta Avatar

    Good work and nice effort

  11. Himansi Gupta Avatar

    Superrr se upperrrr !
    Shandaar work beta.

  12. Sushma gupta Avatar

    Very good…Excellent

  13. Ria gupta Avatar

    Fantastic … keep it up

  14. Anil gupta Avatar

    Superb keep it up

  15. Himani gupta Avatar

    Superb keep it up

  16. Amit Kumar Avatar

    Very Beautiful work

  17. Dev yadav Avatar

    Very very nice

  18. Lavi Avatar

    Extremely nice

  19. पारुल गुप्ता Avatar

    Excellent work done by hardayansh
    Keep going u little star

  20. kirodee mal Avatar

    Very good excllent

  21. Nidhi gupta Avatar

    Keep it up

  22. Nishi gupta Avatar
  23. Nidhi Gupta Avatar

    Amazing, keep it up

  24. Ankeet Gupta Avatar

    Excellent execution of a new age idea.

  25. Asha Gupta Avatar

    Excellent performance little camp,

  26. Rohit Gupta Avatar

    Amazing.Keep it up !

  27. Himank work Avatar
  28. Dr.Lalit Gupta Avatar
  29. Ankit Gupta Avatar

    Such a good innovative use of resources.

  30. Kapil Avatar

    Good Art work

  31. Ravina Avatar

    Keep it up champ

  32. Vaibhav Rathore Avatar

    Keep up the good work

  33. Anil Kumar Avatar
  34. Meenu gupta Avatar

    Super very nice .

  35. Jyoti Avatar

    Superb creativity nd keep it up

  36. Chahal choudhary Avatar

    Talented boy Good crafting work

  37. Kimat yadav Avatar

    Excellent creativity

  38. Mukesh swami Avatar

    Super se uper !!

  39. Bhanu sharma Avatar
  40. Keshav GUPTA Avatar

    Good work keep it up

  41. Vivek jha Avatar

    Nice craft work !

  42. Keshav GUPTA Avatar

    Good work keep it up

  43. Keshav GUPTA Avatar

    Good work keep it up

  44. Savita Avatar

    Nice.Keep it up champ .

  45. Sonu Avatar

    Excellent work

  46. Hemant koli Avatar

    Good performance

  47. Kavita koli Avatar
  48. Rani Avatar

    Keep it up champ

  49. Tushar mumbai Avatar

    Woooow chote .….!

  50. Lavanya gupta Avatar

    Fantastic Work hradyansh.keep continue.

  51. Vivek agnihotri Avatar

    Future genius at work! hats off to the enthusiasm.

  52. Amakant Avatar

    Stay confident and creative.

  53. Pawan Avatar
  54. Kritika arora Avatar

    Nice presentation , keep it up !

  55. Priyanshi sharma Avatar

    Great work and creativity at its best.

  56. Sarmila Bosh Avatar

    Excellent creativity and fabulous craft …..stay confident like this and acheive great heights

  57. Akansha Avatar

    Wow wonderful

  58. Monika Avatar

    Nice craft work

  59. Rajesh Avatar

    Amazing work

  60. Mukesh Joshi Avatar

    Creative champion

  61. Rajni Arora Avatar

    Keep it up champ


    Great efforts.keep continue

  63. Beni Gupta Avatar
  64. Ayushi srivastav Avatar

    Very good keep it up

  65. CHANDRAKANT Avatar

    Outstanding performance


    Such a magical creativity

  67. SHYAM SUNDER Avatar

    God bless you Harsh

  68. Priyanka Avatar

    Excellent work

  69. Ritika Avatar

    Very nice wark

  70. RAHUL JAMRE Avatar
  71. Saloni Avatar

    Fantastic Work Hardayansh!

  72. Monika khandelwal Avatar

    Nice work keep it up champ

  73. Pinky Avatar

    Keep continue much more very nice art work beta.

  74. Rahul Avatar

    Good Art work

  75. Aslam Avatar

    Wahhhh chore

  76. Sandeep Avatar


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