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*Mini Humanoid (Robotics)*

Humanoid robots are characterised by their human form and behaviour. As they have grown increasingly prevalent in today’s world, humanoids have been used to perform roles in retail, hospitality and education.

In education specifically, there are several areas where humanoid robots have been found to support learning and engagement. They have been shown to help develop computational thinking in young learners and foster greater engagement from pupils across a wide array of subjects in the curriculum.           

Humanoid Robots are a wonderful educational aid in teaching children on the autistic spectrum. Having a human form has been proven to invoke a stronger connection and a sense of ownership in the students, and this has been especially effective using ‘learning by teaching’ and care-giving educational styles.

To accomplish this, Mdvm Parle School conducted 3days Workshop to learn theoretically and practically to create Mini Humanoid. Workshop held on September 15th, 16th and 17th. Students have enthusiastically participated and learnt the development of Robotics.

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