Khatti Meethi Baate Maa Ke Sath


“There is nothing else in the world like a mother’s love for her kid.

It is lawless and merciless. It defies all odds and mercilessly destroys everything in its path.”

A programme called “Khatti Meethi Baate Maa Ke Sath” is now being held in the school.

The moms of our school’s students in grades up to third were invited and greeted by the school.

A student-performed “Welcome Song” and “Lamp Lighting” signal the start of the programme.

They were addressed by the principal, sir “Dr. Satyaveer Singh,” who reassured them about their children’s education, safety, and security at the school.

The mothers took part in some of the activities, such as yoga, dance, music, and games, and they all enjoyed them.





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