Teachers’ Training Programme


“The more you sweat in the training, the less you bleed in combat”

The MDVM School, Neemrana has always believed in upskilling the teachers to inspire them to achieve greater heights so that they would be able to give the students a window to the wider world and provide them with unwavering guidance and support. This is because we understand that training is a process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and expertise that enable individuals to better navigate their environment and achieve their goals.

On Friday, April 28, 2023, the projected one-day CBSE training programme for teachers was held at MDVM School in Neemrana, under the aegis of the CBSE Training Programme which facilitates and enhances the knowledge of the faculty.

The session was well-attended and well-run, with approximately 60 teachers in attendance. Ms Nishi Phogat and Ms Sunaina, served as the program’s resource persons. Their dynamic personality added energy, enthusiasm, and innovative skills to the programme. Various fun-games and class activities were implemented to make subjects more interesting. The one-day session was well-run, well-organized, and much appreciated.





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