Maths Week


The study of mathematics leads to an infinite number of possibilities. Its importance is highlighted by the fact that it is widely used in both professional and educational settings. Mathematics is more than just numbers and formulas. We celebrate Math Week every year to honour the birth anniversary of the eminent mathematician Shri Srinivasa Ramanujan, with the goal of instilling a deep appreciation and affection for the fascinating field of mathematics.

MDVM Parle School meticulously organised this year’s Maths Week, which spanned from December 11–December 16, 2023. Engaging exercises included the “Dodging Table Race,” “Identifying Shapes,” “Parle Bazar,” “Maths Race,” “NUMBER GAME,” “Kaun Banega Maths Champion” quiz, and classical dance exhibiting various viewpoints. The main objective of these programmes was to help students develop foundational knowledge.

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