Hawan Ceremony


Hawan Ceremony at MDVM School – A Divine Gathering!

On April 5th, 2024, MDVM School radiated with spiritual energy as we came together for a blissful Hawan Ceremony.

In the serene morning hours, Dr. Satyaveer Singh, our esteemed school Principal, joined hands with students and teachers alike to invoke blessings and fostering harmony within our school community.

The rhythmic chants, the fragrant incense, and the crackling flames created an ambience of peace and purity, filling our hearts with serenity and devotion.

May the blessings bestowed upon us during the Hawan Ceremony guide us on the path of righteousness and enlightenment.

Stay tuned for more enriching events and experiences at MDVM School. Together, let’s journey towards a future filled with wisdom, virtue, and boundless possibilities!


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