Pari Sinha – II B


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  1. Priti Avatar

    It is very creative performance

  2. Priti Avatar

    Very nice. Well done

  3. Bhaskar Avatar

    Amazing to witnesses the little hands doing fine creativity

  4. Kishlay Kumar Avatar

    Very creative n beautiful performance.

    Good luck

  5. Chandan kumar sinha Avatar

    Excellent performance pari jee keep it up May God blessed you aa Lots of success in your future life

  6. Sanjeev Verma Avatar

    Great Thought, wonderful initiative. World need such talents to propagate the message of Environmental Sustainability. Great . God bless you Dear Pari

  7. Rimmi Avatar

    It’s very creative

  8. Manisha Avatar

    So beautiful craft from scratch

  9. Raj Avatar

    Very good

  10. Prachi Avatar

    Good going keep it up

  11. Vikram Avatar

    Well done pari keep it up

  12. Manisha Avatar

    Very nice craft

  13. Manisha Avatar

    Very innovative

  14. Akriti Avatar
  15. Abhijeet Verma Avatar

    Beautiful, lookes very attractive

  16. Ritesh Avatar

    Very nice performance.

  17. Ranjeet Avatar

    Awesome performance

  18. Sanjay Avatar

    Awesome work by little one’s.

  19. Lavkush Avatar

    Best performance

  20. Ankush Avatar

    Best performance

  21. Ajay Avatar
  22. Pardeep Avatar

    Performance is Excellent and looking beautiful

  23. Saurav Kumar Avatar
  24. Pradeep Avatar
  25. Rahul Sharma Avatar

    Nice innovative

  26. Divya Prakash Mishra Avatar

    Very Good keep it up Pari

  27. Cherry Avatar

    A fantastic job done by Pari. It’s a creative thought and an useful stuff is made out of waste.

  28. Dr. Daya khemani Avatar

    That type compitition should do in each school…so that students can learn so many things…

  29. Bhavna Avatar

    Well done pari

  30. Pari Avatar

    Excellent work for the waste product…

  31. Pari Avatar

    Excellent work for the waste product…keep it up

  32. Rahul Gupta Avatar

    Exceptional work done

  33. Rahul Gupta Avatar

    Exceptional work done veey good

  34. Rahul Gupta Avatar

    Exceptional work done very good job insipiration for others also

  35. Chandan kumar Avatar

    Very creative ideas well Done

  36. Nand kishor gautam Avatar

    Creative and beautiful

  37. Sarika Avatar

    Well done Pari

  38. Amit Juglan Avatar

    Save Earth clean Earth

  39. Reena Yadav Avatar

    Creative Reuse of Waste

  40. Atiksh Avatar

    Well done pari

  41. Atiksh Avatar

    Very nice performance done by pari

  42. Monu yadav Avatar

    Very good work pari

  43. Dolly Avatar

    Very nicely she did.
    Looks so beautiful

  44. Shweta Tyagi Avatar

    Very beautiful…very elegant just looking like a WOW ❤️…keep it up and May God bless you beta.

  45. Anjali Avatar

    Superb performance..well done

  46. Sanya yadav Avatar
  47. Gitu Sinha Avatar

    Keep it up very nice Beautiful

  48. Sanya yadav Avatar
  49. Priya Avatar

    Excellent work

  50. Anju tyagi Avatar
  51. manju sharma Avatar
  52. Ritesh verma Avatar

    Awesome….keep it up pari

  53. Dr. Vinay Sharma Avatar

    Very Nice Pari, Great Work, Well Done

  54. sona singh Avatar

    SO beautiful SO elegant JUST looking like a wow

  55. kabir Avatar

    this is helpful

  56. aadi Avatar


  57. krishna Avatar

    adorable work

  58. Ajeet Tiwari Avatar

    Very nice , God bless you

  59. krishna Avatar

    Fascinating work

  60. Jitendra Sharma Avatar

    Really fantastic.Very beautiful…very elegant just looking like a WOW ❤️…keep it up and May God bless you beta.

  61. Jitendra Sharma Avatar

    Really fantastic.Very good

  62. Kanchan ambasta Avatar

    Very nice keep it up

  63. Anushka Singh Avatar

    Keep it up very nice sooo cute

  64. sneha Avatar

    very good beta

  65. tammana Avatar

    wonderful beta

  66. shorya Avatar

    amazing pari

  67. karan Avatar

    wow wow wow

  68. Soni Avatar
  69. Vipin Avatar

    Well done beti

  70. Anu Avatar

    Cutie pie

  71. harish Avatar

    very good work

  72. manish Avatar

    very useful

  73. Pihu Avatar


  74. Seema Avatar
  75. Rajeev kumar Avatar

    Well done beta. Nice innovative. Keet it up.

  76. Neelam Avatar

    Good going Pari

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