Praddum – II B


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  1. Om ji Avatar

    Very beautiful and amazing creative art with great use of waste material.

  2. Om ji Avatar

    Very beautiful and amazing creative art with great use of waste materials.

  3. Ravi Avatar

    Very Nice.

  4. Priti Avatar

    Elegant amazing creativity

  5. Om ji Avatar

    Very beautiful and amazing creative art with great use of waste materials..

  6. Om ji Avatar

    Very beautiful and amazing creative art with great use of waste materials

  7. Renu Avatar

    So beautiful creation

  8. Praddum Avatar

    Wow wonderful

  9. Aman Sharma Avatar

    It is very beautifully made, it says recycled in a beautiful way.

  10. Sanaya Avatar

    you have made very beautiful art craft is soo beautiful amazing art

  11. Shilpa Avatar

    So beautiful creatures in art’

  12. Shilpa Avatar

    Wonderful art

  13. Sanaya Avatar

    Soo beautiful art craft ideas and design soo amazing

  14. Sapna Avatar

    arts watch your crate art my little bro soo beautiful and amazing art craft create

  15. Priya Sharma Avatar

    Amazing craft….. love it…..

  16. Virat Avatar

    Soo amazing creativity art with waste use of material

  17. Poonam Avatar

    so excited in watching art creation and soo lovely crate art

  18. Khushi loha Avatar

    It is very beautiful art

  19. Sappu Loha Avatar

    You deserve a create art that is as fabulous as you it is Soo awesome art’

  20. Pihu Avatar

    Have a wonderful art

  21. Pihu Avatar

    Have a wonderful art creation

  22. Harsh Avatar

    Art soo lovely

  23. Harshita Avatar

    Art to create arts soo wonderful

  24. Saloni Avatar

    It is sol wonderful art

  25. Pushpa Avatar

    Fabulous art

  26. Sneha Avatar

    Sooo… Amazing and wonderful creative activity……

    Keep it up

  27. Neetu Avatar

    Nice and mind blowing activities .

  28. Guddu Avatar

    Soo creative activity.

  29. Prity Avatar

    You are doing awesome

  30. Hrisheek Avatar

    Its sooo sweet !

  31. Janvi Sharma Avatar

    This art it is very beautiful

  32. Preeti vishwakarma Avatar

    Soo beautiful and gorgeous decoration art

  33. Nandani Avatar

    Sooo cute art

  34. Prakash Avatar

    It is very beautiful art using waste material is soo good

  35. Suhani Avatar

    Art is soo wonderful

  36. Rituja Avatar

    Soo lovely art

  37. Vineet yadav Avatar

    Lovely art and soo osm art craft

  38. Arhan khan Avatar

    Art is soo fabulous

  39. Kundan Singh Avatar

    Nice and mind blowing activities is best is waste material

  40. Babli kushwaha Avatar

    nice activities is best is waste material is good

  41. Babli kushwaha Avatar

    nice activities is best lovely art

  42. Smriti Avatar

    Wow amazing and beautifully created, GBU little boy.

  43. Sunaina Avatar
  44. Riya Avatar

    Mind blowing activities and soo fabulous art

  45. Abhishek Avatar
  46. Vineet yadav Avatar

    This art it is very beautiful

  47. Babli Avatar

    beautiful art using waste material is soo good

  48. Rk Avatar


  49. Robin Avatar

    Extraordinary craftttt….!!✨

  50. Abhi yadav Avatar

    Wow soo amazing

  51. Ashish yadav Avatar

    Soo beautiful art

  52. Vivek Avatar
  53. Kli Tripathi Avatar

    Wonderful art by the kid …
    Only want to say .. just looking like a wow

  54. Sujal Gupta Avatar

    Keep making new inventions like this brother

  55. Sneha Avatar

    Excellent work

  56. Surekha Avatar

    Wonderful creations

  57. Surekha Avatar

    Wonderful creations of art

  58. Surekha rani Avatar

    Wonderful creations of art

  59. Hrishi Avatar

    Your attention to detail is incredible.

  60. Hrishi Avatar

    Your attention to detail is incredible.

  61. Ravi vns Avatar

    Bahut achcha work hai beta ji….. Best work using waste things

  62. Krishna Avatar

    Very affective and wonderful ..
    It is a unique to see it

  63. Krishna Avatar

    Nice and unique content it is ..

  64. Abhishek Avatar

    Nice and mind blowing activities

  65. Vivek Avatar

    Fabulous art

  66. Kundan Singh Avatar

    amazing and creative mind of cutie boy may god bless him always

  67. Anita Avatar

    Beautiful art and creative mind

  68. Hajarilal Sharma Avatar

    Beautiful art with cute little champ
    Amazing creativity from waste materials

  69. Abhi Avatar

    Very beautiful drawing create from waste materials

  70. Aryan Avatar

    Supar art little champ

  71. Shiya Avatar

    Wow beautiful creation babu

  72. Akash Avatar

    Very good lovely art

  73. Nitin vishwakarma Avatar

    Good project very nice experience to art

  74. Sunita Sharma Avatar

    Soo beautiful art creative

  75. Shweta Avatar

    Outstanding art

  76. Pari Sharma Avatar

    It is very better art

  77. Goldi Singh Avatar

    Supar dupar art

  78. Ariba Parveen Avatar

    Art is soo beautiful

  79. Firdous Khatoon Avatar

    Art is too good waste materials

  80. Shaleha Parveen Avatar

    Amazing creativity art is soo beautiful

  81. Neha Singh Avatar

    Most beautiful art

  82. Arbaaz Ali Avatar

    Super little champ

  83. Sachin vishwakarma Avatar

    Wow, what a creative child it’s great

  84. Soumya Avatar

    Wow soo great art by waste materials it’s great

  85. Nitin Sharma Avatar

    Very attractive wonderful art

  86. Tripti Avatar

    Wonderful, creativity and concentration together good

  87. Parul Avatar

    Wow soo lovely art by waste materials

  88. Aniket Avatar


  89. Asha aswathi Avatar

    Nice experiment of waste thing

  90. Priyanka Sharma Avatar

    Very nice art work its too good dear bro

  91. Dinesh vishwakarma Avatar

    Beautiful ideas and exertion conversation the msg apply good art

  92. Nisha Avatar

    Good work keep growing

  93. Shreya Avatar

    Wow nice to see creativity in true sense it’s it’s best out of waste keep it babu

  94. Aiman Parveen Avatar

    Good art keep it dear champ

  95. Priyanshu Avatar

    Great project,very lovely art

  96. Vinay Avatar

    Amazing skills!keep exploring your creativity

  97. Navya Rajput Avatar

    Anything can be use to make for creative art

  98. Amrita Avatar

    Lovely project very amazing experience to realise that waste doesn’t need to be just waste
    Little champ super

  99. Anuj Pandey Avatar

    Very beautiful art work it’s too good babu
    Keep it little champ

  100. Pinki Gupta Avatar

    Excellent art too much Babu

  101. Palak Avatar

    Super little bro

  102. Sima Avatar

    It is too good dear

  103. Ragini Gupta Avatar

    Lovely work keep growing babu

  104. Shalini Sharma Avatar

    Very good babu and nice creativity work get best out of waste materials

  105. Nikki Shahi Avatar

    Fabulous art little champ
    Lovely experiment of waste thing

  106. Anjali Kushwaha Avatar

    Wow nice to see amazing art

  107. Dolly Shahi Avatar

    Very amazing art work

  108. Tamana Avatar

    Amazing skills nice experience to work and best art little bro

  109. Sidra Khatoon Avatar

    so elegant soo beautiful just a like wow
    little champ nice

  110. Maheem Avatar

    Amazing experiment of waste thing
    Nice cutie bro
    Allah bless you

  111. Shruti Sharma Avatar

    Nice work art little bro

  112. Sneha rajput Avatar

    Mostly nice work to art

  113. Kshma tripathi Avatar

    Soo beautiful art craft ideas
    my champ super

  114. Ruksana Khatun Avatar

    you made it very well art little bro
    Allah bless u

  115. Shilpi Dubey Avatar

    Have you made great art out of bad stuff
    Adored little bro

  116. Mohini Sharma Avatar

    The art you have made is good

  117. Anuradha Avatar

    art is too good

  118. Annu vishwakarma Avatar

    Super hero babu nice art work

  119. Anshika Yadav Avatar

    Nice art to smart bro

  120. Abhinav Avatar

    Very well child

  121. Deepika Singh Avatar

    well-done bro art is to much good

  122. Rubina Khatun Avatar

    art is fabulous allha bless you

  123. Swapnil jaiswal Avatar

    I enjoyed seeing the art. God bless you.
    Amazing art

  124. Anamika prajapati Avatar

    achievement art is too good

  125. Manisha Chaubey Avatar

    Good boy good art

  126. Karan vishwakarma Avatar

    super cool little champ art is too fabulous

  127. Abhimaan Sharma Avatar
  128. Nikita Sharma Avatar

    Supar dupar art little champ

  129. Shalu rajput Avatar

    It is awesome art

  130. Satya thakur Avatar

    Very pretty I really enjoyed your video creation

  131. Nandani mourya Avatar

    You have done a great work keep it up

  132. Shourya Sharma Avatar

    Thanks, it is awesome art and very useful for us

  133. Shubhangi Avatar

    You’re very talented and wish you all the best for your work

  134. Kajal Tiwari Avatar

    Keep up the good work

  135. Sakshi Sharma Avatar

    Amazing art keep going my dear bro

  136. Sunhara vishwakarma Avatar

    Soo sweet very very nice little champ

  137. Mrs zikra Avatar

    So beautiful so elegant just looking like a wow
    Allah bless u bro

  138. Dr Bangali Avatar

    Wow soo beautiful and gorgeous art

  139. Shabnam Khatoon Avatar

    Wow this is really beautiful and sweet art

  140. Saroj Singh Avatar

    your art is so beautiful

  141. Pooja Gupta Avatar

    Wow what an art amazing

  142. Akansha Singh Avatar

    Mind blowing art

  143. Sanjana Singh Avatar

    you have created this art very beautifully

  144. Karina Avatar

    Soo amazing art

  145. Durga Singh Avatar

    Beautiful art craft ideas

  146. Varsha rajput Avatar

    Really amazing art

  147. Shivani Mourya Avatar
  148. Hina jaisawal Avatar

    Wow this is really beautiful and lovely art

  149. Roshani Avatar

    Excellent art

  150. Ritika Goswami Avatar

    Very very fabulous art

  151. Alia Parveen Avatar

    Well-done bro
    Allah bless u

  152. Alisha Avatar

    Good work keep it nice art

  153. Lakshmi Avatar

    Very well done child

  154. Trisha Avatar

    Looking gorgeous art

  155. Kali rajput Avatar

    It’s to easy and beautiful

  156. Fiza Khatun Avatar

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  157. Garima Dubey Avatar

    You’re so talented boy
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  158. Fatima Parveen Avatar

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  159. Soni Singh Avatar

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  160. Menka Avatar

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  161. Nikhat Avatar

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  162. Radha vishwakarma Avatar

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  163. Bhawana panday Avatar

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  164. Jyoti Avatar

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  165. Aradhaya Pandey Avatar

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  166. Akriti Jaiswal Avatar

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  167. Sonam Singh Avatar

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  168. Mahira khatoon Avatar

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  169. Isikha Avatar

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  170. Himani Sharma Avatar

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  171. Divya Tiwari Avatar

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  172. Himanshu Avatar

    Nice project very well art

  173. Jivika Avatar

    Well-done supar babu

  174. Divyanshu Singh Avatar

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  175. Sahiba khatun Avatar

    Use for waste materials is too good art

  176. Shreyansh Avatar

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  177. Ansh rajput Avatar

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  178. Mina Avatar
  179. Shashank jaiswal Avatar

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  180. Pratima Avatar

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  181. Tanu Sharma Avatar

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  182. Raghav vishwakarma Avatar

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  183. Sarojni Pathak Avatar

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  184. Sandeep Sharma Avatar

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  185. Pari vishwakarma Avatar

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  186. Aasma khatoon Avatar

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  187. Minakshi Sharma Avatar

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  188. Rubi Khatoon Avatar

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  189. Anisha yadav Avatar

    Amazing art and nice creativity work

  190. Neelam Sharma Avatar

    Nice work and amazing art

  191. Sarita Avatar

    Amazing, good work

  192. Kanak Singh Avatar

    The most fabulous and talented bro

  193. Sandhya Tiwari Avatar

    Truly amazing great work keep it up little champ
    God bless u

  194. Samriddhi Pandey Avatar

    This is so beautiful very good betu god bless you

  195. Aina Khatun Avatar

    Best use of waste nice art

  196. Naina Singh Avatar

    Wooow sooo beautiful art

  197. Ridhima Avatar

    One of the best betu
    God bless you

  198. Sonakshi Mourya Avatar

    Wow ,done by waste is a very good start-up

  199. Sita Sharma Avatar

    Wow you made a superb art
    Best of luck bro

  200. Shradha Avatar

    It’s helpful for save or environment
    Nice little champ GBU

  201. Yuvaraj Avatar

    Outstanding performance little bro
    god bless you

  202. Rina Avatar

    Most beautiful I luv this art

  203. Rekha kushwaha Avatar

    Excellent job done

  204. Choti Avatar

    Nice very well

  205. Choti Avatar

    Nice very good

  206. Ashana Khatoon Avatar

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  207. Rani Singh Avatar

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  208. Manikarnika Avatar

    Good and marvelous art
    Beautiful good boy

  209. Tabasum khatoon Avatar

    Super cool smarty boy
    Allha bless u

  210. Shiya Avatar

    Excellent job done

  211. Sabbu Avatar

    Soo pretty good work

  212. Ravikesh Avatar

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  213. Suriti Avatar

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  214. Nikki Avatar


  215. Roshan Avatar

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  216. Tabbu Avatar

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  217. Chotu Avatar

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  218. Panna Devi Avatar

    Beautiful champ

  219. Hema Avatar

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  220. Ritu Avatar

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  221. Mrs Ariba Parvin Avatar

    Good and very very well

  222. Vinod Avatar

    Very and amazing art

  223. Beem Yadav Avatar
  224. Kiran Sharma Avatar

    So elegant soo beautiful

  225. Umesh Avatar

    Beautiful art

  226. Vinayak Avatar

    Good work and keep it up little bro

  227. Sanju Avatar

    You’re soo talented boy and very beautiful art
    God bless you

  228. Megha Avatar

    Very well done child

  229. Pratik Avatar

    Good very nice little champ

  230. Isha Shah Avatar

    Beautiful art and nice work

  231. Ashfak ali Avatar

    Very very nice and beautiful art
    Allha bless you little champ

  232. Hari Tiwari Avatar

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  233. Abhijeet Avatar

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  234. Shiwasnshi Singh Avatar

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  235. Diwakarsingh Avatar

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  237. Shahnaz Khatun Avatar

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    Allha bless you

  238. Armaan ali Avatar
  239. Anshuman Dubey Avatar

    Very well done child

  240. Pratiksha Avatar

    Very lovely art bro

  241. Hemant Avatar

    Good keep it

  242. Brijesh Gupta Avatar

    Good and very very beautiful bro

  243. Ramesh Avatar

    Outstanding art

  244. Rohini Avatar

    Cutie bro..soo lovely art

  245. Anish Avatar

    Little champ super art and God bless you

  246. Ali Ansari Avatar

    Most amazing and use of waste thing good job

  247. Rakesh Sharma Avatar

    Super little bro

  248. Anshi Pathak Avatar

    Mind blowing activities in art
    Good work

  249. Rupali Singh Avatar

    You’re brilliant

  250. Rupa Thakur Avatar

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  251. Sonali Avatar

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  252. Monu Avatar

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  253. Ganpat Avatar

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  254. Nimmi Yadav Avatar

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  255. Hyder Ali Avatar

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  256. Rajsingh Avatar

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  257. Rajsingh Avatar

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  258. Uma Avatar

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  262. Shiwam Avatar

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  263. Ramsingh Avatar

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  264. Jeetu Avatar

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    Keep it up

  265. Aditi Avatar

    Outstanding performance my bro God bless you

  266. Kanika Avatar

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  267. Varun Avatar

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  269. Vandana Avatar

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  271. Deepa Singh Avatar

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  277. Shikhar Avatar

    That is absolutely amazing creativity

  278. Yashvisharma Avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous

  279. Dhani Avatar

    Wow, what absolutely beautiful work

  280. Lisha Avatar

    It’s so beautiful and inspiring

  281. Twinkle Avatar

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  283. Nancy Avatar

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  284. Rashmika Avatar

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  285. Kranti Avatar

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  286. Akshay Singh Avatar

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  287. Naira Avatar

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  288. Raaz Avatar

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    God bless you

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  291. Kanchan Gupta Avatar

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  293. Rambha Avatar

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  295. Adya Avatar

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  296. Krishna Avatar

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  297. Pankhuri Avatar

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  298. Sadhana Avatar

    Very well done child keep it up

  299. Shiva Avatar

    Good work and best art creative

  300. Chaya Avatar

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  301. Beauty Singh Avatar

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  302. Gouri Avatar

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  303. Vijaylaxmi Avatar

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  304. Saraswati Avatar

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  305. Farhan Avatar

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  306. Anveshi Avatar

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  307. Naitik Avatar

    Good job by Done child keep it up

  308. Rahul Avatar
  309. Rohit Singh Avatar

    very very beautiful and wonderful art

  310. Mahi Sharma Avatar

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  311. Pramod Sharma Avatar

    Excellent work keep it up
    Good little champ super

  312. Avneet Avatar

    You’re soo cute baby and good art

  313. Zain Avatar

    Alhamdulillah everything is better
    Allha bless u

  314. Kartik Avatar

    Super little one of the best

  315. Kiriti Avatar

    Very beautiful an wonderful art

  316. Vibha Singh Avatar

    Nice, it’s too lovely

  317. Preeto Avatar

    It’s awesome

  318. Vaibhav Singh Avatar

    Super hero
    Keep it up little one of the best

  319. Raaz Shahi Avatar

    Nice and good creation

  320. Bhavna panday Avatar

    It is very creative performance

  321. Rahul Sharma Avatar

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  322. Krish Avatar

    Amazing to witnessed the little hands doing fine creativity

  323. Rimmi Yadav Avatar

    Very creative n beautiful performance
    Good luck

  324. Sapnavishwakarma Avatar

    Lovely thought best initiative world need such talents to propagate the message of environment sustainability amazing
    God bless you bachha

  325. Prachi Avatar

    Awasome performance Babu keep it up
    May God blessed u a lots of success in your life

  326. Vikram Singh Avatar

    Good going keep it up

  327. Sunil Pandey Avatar

    Nice innovative

  328. Cherry Avatar

    Performance is very wonderful and look good

  329. Adil Khan Avatar

    A fabulous job done by parddum
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  330. Deepti prajapati Avatar

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  331. Rudransh Avatar

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  332. Noor Alam Avatar

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  333. Aftab Alam Avatar

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  334. Nike Avatar

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  335. Nike Avatar

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  340. Pankaj Avatar

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  341. Harsh Avatar

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  343. Joy Avatar

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  344. Nusli Avatar

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  345. Nusli Avatar

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  346. Ajay Avatar

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  347. Gangasagar Avatar

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  348. Trishna Avatar

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  350. Shivsagar Avatar

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  351. Navnath pandit Avatar

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  355. Tappu Avatar

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  356. Gudi Avatar

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  357. Mansa Avatar
  358. Meera Singh Avatar

    You have created this art very beautiful

  359. Urmila Avatar

    I enjoyed seeing the art god bless you bachha

  360. Tittu Avatar

    The art you have made is lovely

  361. Lila Avatar

    Wonderful creativity done by parddum

  362. Pawan Thakur Avatar

    Cute little boy with creative mind ❤ you have make such a beautiful art creative and Grow like this and achieve what you want. ❤

  363. Pratyush Gupta Avatar

    Well-done betu nice innovative keep it up

  364. Anil Avatar

    Very nice he did looks so smart

  365. Pawan Singh Avatar

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  366. Heena Avatar

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  367. Shubham Avatar

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  368. Kabir Avatar

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  369. Prabha Avatar

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  372. Gauri Avatar

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  382. Vaishnavi Avatar

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  383. Vaishali Avatar

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  387. Ambika Avatar

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  390. Daya Avatar

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  393. Laxminarayan Avatar

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  394. Ram Singh Avatar

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  395. Babbi Avatar

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  396. Sakil Ansari Avatar

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  397. Wakil Avatar

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  398. Suhana Avatar

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  400. Somnath Avatar

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  402. Sima Avatar

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