Abhijishya – I A


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  1. Nitin Purohit Avatar

    Very nicely done ….

  2. Rajesh Avatar
  3. Purohit Nitin Avatar

    Subject very well chosen

  4. Supiyar Avatar

    too good

  5. Devendra Avatar

    So sweet and awesome

  6. Aman sharma Avatar

    Abhijishya sweet home colourfull desine

  7. Vivek Avatar

    Very Awesome

  8. Vijay Avatar

    Little hands Artwork

  9. Ganga singh Avatar

    Abhijishya blog is very good and best

  10. Priyavrat Avatar

    Turning waste i to such a wonderful end product shows great skill and intelligence. Nicely done little one

  11. Deepa Bisht Avatar

    Wonderful No words to describe

  12. Sahinda Sharma Avatar

    Elegant amazing creativity ….so beautiful

  13. Sharma_Aman Avatar

    Bahut h acha bahut h vadiya bannaya very nice keep it up

  14. Parkash Singh Bisht Avatar

    Best of the best , Amazing

  15. Gopal saini Avatar

    Bahut hi sundar

  16. Bharat Bisht Avatar

    Just like a wow , Wonderful

  17. Bhawani Avatar

    Very well done

  18. Surya Prakash Avatar

    Very nicely done

  19. Mayank Avatar

    Very nice and innovative

  20. Sunil Yadav Avatar

    Very nice and decorative

  21. Shavi pankaj Sharma Avatar

    Wao vry good jisu fantastic work you are on top

  22. Asha Avatar

    Good job bacha

  23. Pushpa Avatar

    Very decorative

  24. Abhinav Purohit Avatar

    The most cute, talented and amazing girl❤️❤️❤️

  25. Kriti Avatar

    Very Nice Abhijishya.We can clearly see the the effort you have put in …Keep it up

  26. Rishi Avatar

    Excellent art work

  27. Aarti rawat Avatar

    Your artwork is truly amazing! I love the vibrant colors you used and the creative way you’ve expressed your ideas. God bless you Jishu ❤️

  28. Sachin Sharma Avatar

    Very nice and beautiful

  29. Vandana Avatar

    Very nice abhijishiya….cute talented princess… putting grt effort… keep it up

  30. Suman Avatar

    Little Artist

  31. Rakesh Sharma Avatar

    My munnu is great

  32. Shipra Avatar

    Nicely done little 1 . So cute work.

  33. Mukul Singh Bisht Avatar

    Excellent Artwork Beautiful

  34. Sumit Avatar

    Very good

  35. Dev Manjri Avatar

    Amazing creativity..good..keep it up

  36. Amit Kumar Avatar

    Very nicely prepared

  37. Akram Avatar

    Bahut badiya …keep it up

  38. Bharat Singh Avatar

    Very good presentation of the thoughts

  39. Anupam Ghosh Avatar
  40. Sandeep Deshma Avatar

    Very nice and good job

  41. Anil Rout Avatar

    Very well presented

  42. Abhinav Pandey Avatar

    Very well prepared

  43. Preetam Chopra Avatar

    Very Cute ,she is really creativ9 done
    Keep this innovative and creative skill up

  44. Ashok Kumar Avatar

    Very impressive

  45. Ravi Kant Avatar

    Very well prepared

  46. ViKKEE Avatar

    Very well done

  47. Prem Saini Avatar

    Very decorative and impressive work by Abhijishya

  48. Sushil Sharma Avatar

    Very well prepared

  49. Komal Avatar

    Well done kiddo . Appreciated. Work

  50. Raman Avatar

    pictures are full of colors
    Art styles ❤️

  51. rajan Avatar

    Nice work keep it up

  52. Rahish Avatar

    Very nicely presented

  53. Jafar Avatar

    Very decorative

  54. Ajeet Avatar

    Very well presented

  55. Vedpal Avatar

    Very well presented

  56. Naresh Avatar

    Excellent job

  57. Bishwajit Avatar

    Very well prepared

  58. Sadan Avatar

    Making use of waste by child is good

  59. Rajeev Shukla Avatar

    Very nicely made

  60. Satinder chauhan Avatar

    Full of Innovation & creativity,keep it up.

  61. Partap chand Avatar

    Use of waste is good for nature

  62. Nitin Avatar

    Nice home decor from waste

  63. Nikhil Avatar

    Very well prepared and nice home decor

  64. ANSHUL Avatar

    Very innovative

  65. Arjun Avatar

    Nicely prepared ……budding artist

  66. Ashish Bahl Avatar

    Well done Abhijishya…..you truly deserve appreciation

  67. Ashwani Mishra Avatar

    Very well prepared and nicely presented

  68. Ashwani Pandita Avatar

    Good job done ….Joshua

  69. Ashwani Yadav Avatar

    Seeing the kid making waste a nice home decor is pleasant

  70. Deepak Avatar

    Seeing her making a nice craft was a pleasure

  71. Diwakar Sharma Avatar

    Very well prepared….nice home decor

  72. Gaurav Chug Avatar

    Idea well appreciated……at this tender age she has done commendable job

  73. Sahil Avatar

    Good work keep it up

  74. Aman sharma Avatar

    Verry verry good

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