Sidhi Sharma – LKG B


21 responses to “Sidhi Sharma – LKG B”

  1. Isha sharma Avatar

    A beautiful art work is prepared with the help of pencil shavings and pistachios shell. Please watch this video and comment to encourage her.

  2. Isha sharma Avatar

    Excellent artwork done with the help of pencil shavings and pistachios she’ll.

  3. Deep Avatar

    Lovely work
    With perfection

  4. Neha Singh Avatar

    Really liked how Sidhi Sharma has used pencil shaving and other waste creatively to make this art. Beautifully done and very innovative

  5. Monika maheshwari Avatar

    Grt effort by little kids…keep it up

  6. nitesh sharma Avatar

    wow siddhi, i never expected. your work is very good and creative

  7. Vinita sharma Avatar

    Very nice art siddhi Sharma.
    Creativity is making marvlous out of the discarded
    Be a recycler, be a saver. Recycle , today for a better

  8. Sarika Avatar

    Very nice Sidhi, excellent work.
    Great art work by tiny hands.

  9. Mimansha Sharma Avatar

    cute little hands at work … Keep going Siddhi

  10. Isha sharma Avatar

    Beautiful use of waste material

  11. Kirti Avatar

    Amazing art by Sidhi Sharma

  12. Kirti Avatar

    Amazing art by Sidhi Sharma..keep it up

  13. Mehul Sharma Avatar

    Amazing work and very neatly done loved the work Art work with such great neatness Ata such a young age is highly commendable. ♥️

  14. Arti Sharma Avatar


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