Meer Grover – LKG B


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  1. Neha Grover Avatar

    Great beta you are my champ

  2. Mohit Grover Avatar

    This is very well done.

  3. Rashi Avatar

    Very well done

  4. Tanvi Chawla Avatar

    It’s praiseworthy that the child is learning to make the best possible use of a waste…need of the hour when resources are limited…confidence of the child is much appreciated.

  5. Diksha makkar Grover Avatar

    Well done! Meer this is really nice best out of waste means something useful and creative planting trees and you explained everything properly.

  6. Rajat Khannawalia Avatar

    Creative mind like these are a bliss.
    Keep going MEER.

  7. Yamini Agri Avatar

    Very nice Mihir

  8. Neha Avatar

    Creative and great effort

  9. Gunjan Avatar

    Beautiful pot made by you great Meer

  10. Swati Panwar Avatar

    Way to go Meer. What a great work it is. Truely creative. All the best

  11. Mayank Avatar

    Cute and adorable.

  12. Deepika Avatar

    You have amazing creative skills and you have concentrating fully when you working on this pot making project. How meer is decorating and planting this pot so interestingly it shows in this video exactly. Keep it up meer

  13. Hargun Kasotia Avatar

    Excellent meer Bhaiya

  14. Swati Khanna Avatar

    Very very impressive work by a young champ

  15. Swara Avatar

    Beautiful flower pot from a broken pot Meer.

  16. Alka Avatar

    Nice idea to utilise the broken earthen pot to grow the plant.Meer decorated it so beautifully. He should win as he seemed to be so much into the project and explained everything so well.

  17. Raj khatnawalia Avatar

    Awesome, creative and thoughtfull

  18. Alka Avatar

    Nice idea to utilise the broken earthen pot to grow the plant.Meer decorated it so beautifully.Meer should win as he seemed to be so much into the project and explained everything so well.

  19. Alka Avatar

    Nice idea to utilise the broken earthen pot to grow the plant.Meer decorated it so beautifully. He should win as he seemed to be so much into the project and explained everything really well.

  20. Priyanka Avatar

    The broken pot is beautifully used by Meer. He did a great job of putting a plant and devoting it. Well done Meer!

  21. Dikshannt Avatar

    Very good meer

  22. Anju khattar Avatar

    Proud of you,well done meer

  23. Gautam Avatar

    Keep going meer
    This kid got grt skills

  24. G.Thakaut Avatar

    Beautiful craft by young Meer

  25. Anuj Avatar

    Super going champ

  26. Veena Avatar

    Very very good meer

  27. Dr Neesha Yadav Avatar

    very good meer
    keep it up Beta

  28. Komal arora Avatar

    Great meer.keep it up

  29. Agresh makkar Avatar

    Best one little champ

  30. Kapil Avatar

    Excellent meer

  31. Kapil grover Avatar

    Excellent meer nice vedio

  32. Amit makkar Avatar

    Very nice baccha

  33. Poorvi Avatar

    Excellent Meer

  34. Sajida hasan Avatar

    So very creative. You are amazing.

  35. Sweta Verma Avatar

    Wow Meer …thats superb work…keep it up…way to go !!!

  36. Devendra Singa Avatar

    These type of talents in this age
    Mind blowing
    Good job by their parents too for preparing their kids.
    Should be the great Indian by serve India by any ways
    Love u bacchhhhaaa…….

  37. Komal Khannawalia Avatar

    Very nice Meer. Keep it up champ
    Well done

  38. MANISH Avatar

    Well done meer

  39. Nishi phulwari Avatar

    Woww…such a beautiful pot made by meer

  40. Nishi phulwari Avatar

    Woww…amazing pot

  41. Pushan Chugh Avatar

    This is so creative. Good work champ

  42. Surbhi Avatar

    Amazing .. Keep it up champ

  43. Suman Jangid Avatar

    Wow superb .. nice to know how today’s kids are becoming aware about their environment through these types of activities keep it up Meer

  44. YADRAM Avatar

    Proper use of the broken pot. Understanding the value of plants at such a age is commendable.
    Beautifully decorated.

  45. Saifullah Avatar

    Plants are our best friends.
    Meer got a new friend now.

  46. Premraj Avatar

    Well done Meer. Pot is looking beautiful.

  47. Ravinder lathwal Avatar

    Best use of the waste pot.
    Water your plant daily Meer

  48. Alok yadav Avatar

    Waste pot , clay, colours, sand and plant
    Very impressive

  49. Nitin Bishoriya Avatar

    Nice use of the broken waste pot

  50. Himanshu kumar Avatar

    Nice work
    Meer the artist

  51. Manohj Avatar

    Thats called sustainability.
    Reduce recycle reuse.

  52. Sapna kodap Avatar

    Great work by Meer.

  53. Sanjay Varma Avatar
  54. Ram charan bairwa Avatar

    Good but can be better.

  55. Pradeep kumar Avatar

    Very good
    But pot could have been decorated better

  56. Sajeeth Avatar

    Our winner MEER GROVER

  57. Tarun kumar Avatar

    Reuse waste pot like this.
    Keep learning MEER.

  58. Suman Jangid Avatar

    Great efforts by a lil kiddo … highly impressed

  59. Manju Avatar

    Well done meer, u are doing it great, its good to see how involved u are in this. All the best.

  60. Bhawini Avatar

    Superb concept. And very well executed. Keep going

  61. Bhawini Avatar

    Superb concept. And very well executed. Keep going Meer.

  62. Ayesha Singh Avatar
  63. Anjna Panwar Avatar

    Excellent ! Nice creation and use of waste to make it best. Meer has explained procedure of making properly.

  64. Ashok Sablania Avatar

    The video gives a very inspiring message for everyone. Well done Meer. Keep it up. Best wishes

  65. Anjna Panwar Avatar

    Excellent creation of waste to make it best dear Meer. You have also explained the procedure very well. Well done.

  66. Lalit Avatar

    Well-done Meer
    Great job

  67. Deepak Panwar Avatar

    Excellent ! Nice creation and use of waste to make it best. Meer has explained the procedure of making properly.

  68. K l Kalra Avatar

    Great dear Meer . God bless you.

  69. Bhawini Avatar

    Excellent concept. Very well done. Keep going Meer

  70. Hari Sharma Avatar

    Very creative Meer

  71. Subhash Avatar

    Beutiful performance

  72. Akash Bargoti Avatar

    Adorable gardener in the making!

  73. Amit Gupta Avatar

    Pure creativity at its best!

  74. Atmeek Anand Avatar

    Future horticulturist in action!

  75. Avinash Maheshwari Avatar

    Fantastic use of waste materials!

  76. Mohit Jain Avatar

    So much talent in those tiny hands!

  77. Deepak Gupta Avatar

    Incredible DIY skills for a little one!

  78. Deepanshu Juneja Avatar

    Green thumbs run in the family!

  79. Divya Chugh Avatar

    Miniature garden genius!

  80. Gaurav Tak Avatar

    A masterpiece from such a young artist!

  81. Jatin Bhagat Avatar

    Recycling brilliance from a tiny tot!

  82. Prem Choudhary Avatar

    Well done Meer. God bless you

  83. Saurabh Panwar Avatar

    Little artists. Great meer. Keep going

  84. Abhinav sachdeva Avatar

    very good meet
    Keep it up

  85. Kuldeep Dixit Avatar

    Awesome Meer…Keep it up !

  86. Deepak Panwar Avatar

    Excellent ! Nice creation and use of waste to make it best. Meer has explained procedure of making properly.

  87. Renu Yadav Avatar
  88. Sanjay Gupta Avatar

    Creative use of waste…wow great Meer

  89. Himanshu Sharma Avatar

    Impressive gardening skills for a small explorer!

  90. Hina varshney Avatar

    Creative minds bloom early!

  91. Jai Bhatt Avatar

    Green dreams turning into reality!

  92. Keshav Grover Avatar

    Wow! Nature’s little helper!

  93. Malancha Karmakar Avatar

    Upcycling pro in the making!

  94. Mukesh Avatar

    Great Meer, Nice Creativity with broken pot. Well done


    Tiny hands, big eco-friendly impact!

  96. Manish Modi Avatar

    Garden magic by a young maestro!

  97. Manpreet Batra Avatar

    A future environmental steward!

  98. Murari Bajpai Avatar

    Young gardener, big inspiration!

  99. Neeraj Agarwal Avatar

    Innovative plant paradise by a kid!

  100. Nitin Bakshi Avatar

    Budding environmentalist’s masterpiece!

  101. Pankaj Gosain Avatar

    Nature’s artist in action!

  102. Pankaj Khandelwal Avatar

    Small hands, big heart for plants!

  103. Prankit Bihani Avatar

    A garden full of joy and creativity!

  104. Prashant Bhalla Avatar

    Little green thumb, big dreams!

  105. Punit Jindal Avatar

    Absolutely adorable eco-warrior!

  106. Rachit Avatar

    Nature’s ambassador in the making!

  107. RAJ JUNEJA Avatar

    Young planter, endless potential!

  108. Abhijeet Anand Avatar

    Recycling champion at a young age!

  109. Manoj Avatar

    Tiny hands, huge green impact!

  110. Dr. Richa Walia D'souza Avatar

    Future sustainability leader!

  111. Ruchir Avatar

    Impressive gardening skills, little friend!

  112. Saiyam Keshari Avatar

    Eco-friendly artist extraordinaire!

  113. Sapan Kumar Avatar

    Sustainable gardening star in action!

  114. SARTHAK GROVER Avatar

    Such a creative and green initiative!

  115. Saurabh Panwar Avatar

    Little gardener, big smiles!

  116. Shikhar Avatar

    A masterpiece from the heart!

  117. Subhasis Das Avatar

    Tiny gardener, massive talent!

  118. Sumit Chugh Avatar

    Nature lover’s delightful creation!

  119. sunny grover Avatar

    A young genius with plants!

  120. vyom pareek Avatar

    Sustainability superhero at work!

  121. yugdeep mishra Avatar

    Blossoming creativity in every pot!

  122. Rajesh Mathur Avatar

    Very creative,at this small age

  123. Mukesh Bhargava Avatar

    Great little champ Meer

  124. IR Mathur Avatar

    The creativity of Meer at his age of four is super.
    He is very confident on his actions and that is commendable.

  125. Vishal Sridhar Avatar
  126. Saket Rajesh Rana Avatar
  127. Vineeth S Avatar

    Natural Beauty

  128. Ritu Sinha Avatar

    Earth Ambassador

  129. Vishnu Priya Avatar

    Nature’s Classroom

  130. Ramanuj Bordoloi Avatar

    Tiny Horticulturist

  131. Ayush Gupta Avatar

    Botanical Brilliance

  132. Anupma Kumari Avatar

    Pint-sized Farmer

  133. Akash Bharadwaj Avatar

    Reclaimed Treasures

  134. Arun Mohan Avatar

    Blooming Genius

  135. Shivani Koul Avatar

    Sustainable Sculpture

  136. Harshit Nigam Avatar
  137. Akshita Dhingra Avatar
  138. Aman Lohiya Avatar

    Greenthumb Prodigy

  139. Sakshi Avatar

    Seedling Symphony

  140. Himadri Sen Avatar

    Pint-sized Explorer

  141. Surya Mouli Kalagara Avatar

    Earth’s Ambassadors

  142. Anurag Anand Avatar

    Sustainable Serenity

  143. Bibek Parakh Avatar

    Nature’s Palette

  144. Subhadeep Ghosh Avatar

    Earth’s Apprentice

  145. Ankit Agarwal Avatar

    Planter’s Pride

  146. Akshit Gupta Avatar

    Sustainable Sparkle

  147. Aditya Raj Avatar


  148. Rishi Prakash Misra Avatar
  149. Soumen Burma Avatar

    Recycled Radiance

  150. Charu Avatar

    Great job Meer

  151. Shilpa Rani Avatar

    Sustainable Sprout

  152. Supratim Pal Avatar

    Pint-sized Gardener

  153. Ankush Dhull Avatar
  154. Anjna Avatar

    Well done Meer Grover this is so nice

  155. Chandni Bhatia Avatar

    Great little champ, keep it up

  156. Sudesh Avatar

    Astonishing, way to go kiddo!

  157. Rajkumar Avatar

    Very beautiful decorated pot.

  158. Charu Avatar

    Excellent work

  159. Harshita Avatar

    This is the best out of waste you have done great Meer

  160. Harshita Avatar

    Wonderful Meer

  161. Ishita Avatar

    Creative and environment friendly

  162. Sujata Avatar

    Such a beautiful pot you have made

  163. Alpa Avatar

    This is appreciating ! Go green concept

  164. Maya Avatar

    Ten on ten Meer

  165. Manat Avatar

    Best is best n so is Meer

  166. Sonalshi Avatar


    ! Well done

  167. Moni Avatar

    Well explained

  168. Shikha Avatar

    Creative mind

  169. Aprey Avatar

    Very good Meer Grover

  170. Rita Avatar


  171. Sudhanshu Avatar

    You are achiever

  172. Kriti Avatar

    God bless you beta

  173. Chakita Avatar

    Gift of creativity

  174. Vijay Avatar

    Perfect ..Nice

  175. Varun Avatar

    Creative thinking

  176. Varun Avatar
  177. Ritu Avatar
  178. Kirti Avatar

    Well explained

  179. Sonia Avatar

    Creative person born in March! superb Meer

  180. Shilpa Shetty Avatar

    Super se bhi upar

  181. Geeta Avatar

    Beautiful pot

  182. RAJAT Avatar


  183. Deepak Himmatramka Avatar

    Dearest Meer, many congratulations to you for such creativity. Wish you all the best !!

  184. Shitiz Avatar

    This is best out of waste

  185. Harshvardhan Avatar

    hardwork by little boy

  186. Priya Avatar

    Great fixing of pot

  187. Kiran Avatar

    Good work meer, you are really get best out of waste. Well done

  188. Sanjna Avatar

    Awesome meer… u r d best

  189. Minakshi mehta Avatar

    Wow amazing pot created by you my little champ.. proud of you

  190. Srishti sood Avatar

    Good work done by meer…nice creativity !

  191. Manika sharma Avatar

    Very impressive.. good pot made by meer

  192. Heena wadhwa Avatar

    Nice work by Meer…

  193. Isha kapoor Avatar

    Meer is such an artist… Wat a creativity

  194. Aditi singh Avatar

    Very good Meer… true artist

  195. Uma Rathore Avatar

    Superb job done by meer grover… all the best

  196. Tanya sharma Avatar

    Beautiful pot created by meer…nice creation

  197. Manali Avatar

    Nice decorative pot made by Meer..great champ

  198. Shweta solanki Avatar

    Pot is beautifully made by Meer.. this shows nothing js waste if you have such an artist child af your home.

  199. Dishita Avatar

    Meer you create well

  200. Somati Avatar

    Bahut hee vadiya

  201. Neha Avatar

    So very well done

  202. Ravi Bhandari Avatar

    Excellent Meer..! Keep it up..

  203. Saroj Anand T Avatar

    That is a Awesome Art

  204. MUSKAAN Avatar

    Good Meer you have done sincerely

  205. Bhuvi Avatar

    Fantastic !
    It commendable.Nice creativity

  206. Neha Ahuja Avatar

    Well done baby….keep doing good work….all the best for future endeavours.

  207. Joji Avatar

    Superb well done on Meer on your wonderful creation

  208. Deeksha kapoor Avatar

    This is awesome… loved the creativity

  209. Madhurima Avatar

    Talented Meer… keep it up

  210. Ratna singh Avatar

    Too creative Meer… Good job

  211. Shanaya Avatar

    Best of the best… excellent work done by lil champ

  212. Sonali sidhwani Avatar

    Amazing pot made by meer… very well done

  213. Shivani Avatar

    Good one little champ

  214. Reet Avatar

    Well done champ

  215. Chhaya Nagpuria Avatar

    Well done Meer.. Keep up the great work..

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