Kritika Joshi – LKG C


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  1. Garima Bhatt Avatar

    Amazing work done by kritika. It is so beautiful

  2. Prabha Pandey Avatar

    Very cute performance, and she is doing such a nice craft

  3. Himanshu Pandey Avatar

    Future genius at work! hats off to the enthusiasm.

  4. Babita joshi Avatar

    Best house hold material by using waste material. Welldone

  5. Harshita Avatar

    Wow superb… going to use this to make this art

  6. Dheeraj Joshi Avatar

    Nice talent little champ

  7. Pawan Thenua Avatar

    Good activity and creativity

  8. Bhaskar Bhatt Avatar

    Nice presentation , keep it up !

  9. Bhaskar Bhatt Avatar

    Stay confident and creative.

  10. Anil Tiwari Avatar

    Nice craft work

  11. Pratyush Avatar

    Great work and creativity at its best.

  12. Nisha Avatar

    Beautifully crafted , talented kid

  13. Girish joshi Avatar

    Beautiful craft work

  14. Arun Shukla Avatar

    Good intitative.. Keep itup

  15. Harish Tiwari Avatar

    Very nice keep it up

  16. Deepak Joshi Avatar

    Nice craft work

  17. Nikhil Adhikari Avatar

    Nyc craft good work

  18. Venkatesh Avatar

    Excellent craft, well reused the plastic

  19. Shreya joshi Avatar

    Cute little girl with creative mind ❤❤ you have make such a beautiful pen stand cutie you are creative and artisan. Grow like this and achieve what you want. ❤❤❤

  20. Garima Bhatt Avatar

    Amazing work done by kritika…
    So beautiful

  21. Shoury Bansal Avatar

    Good Job done…

  22. Monika Bisht Avatar

    “This is so beautiful.”
    “All the hard work you put into this piece really shows!”

  23. Daya maurya Avatar

    Nice keep it Beta

  24. Dhairya Shukla Avatar

    Excellent creativity and fabulous craft …..stay confident like this and acheive great heights

  25. Neeraj Gupta Avatar

    Nice craft work

  26. Deepa bhatt Avatar

    So beautiful ♥️♥️

  27. Navneet sharma Avatar

    Wow, excellent
    Keep it up


  28. Unknown Avatar

    So beautiful so elegant just looking like a wow

  29. Payal Avatar

    Well done Keep it up!!!

  30. Janardan Avatar

    Lovely bacche!

  31. Disha Avatar

    So cute. It’s amazing to see her working so creatively at this age .. keep up this good work may God bless her .

  32. Yatin Avatar

    Awesome job…super cute kid

  33. NEERAJ Avatar

    bauth badiya choti ❤️❤️

    Mere se tho aacha he kra hai. Well done ❤️

  34. Mayank Thuwal Avatar

    Doing good…✨✨Keep it up.

  35. Vinita Avatar

    creativity and fabulous craft

  36. Mayank Sharma Avatar

    Creative child
    The child of Prophecy

  37. Satish Avatar

    Nice craft by waste material

  38. Priyanka sharma Avatar

    Amazing work done by kritika ….. wonderful craft

  39. Arun Avatar

    Nice stand by waste

  40. Priyanka sharma Avatar

    Wonderful creative done by kritika….

  41. Hakim singh Avatar
  42. Atul Avatar
  43. Sayan Avatar

    Its so amazing and bearing. Great crafting ❤️

  44. Vikas Avatar

    Nice one kriti

  45. Yogesh Avatar

    Nice keep it up

  46. Deepesh kumar Avatar

    Good creative things at handmade …

  47. Deepesh kumar Avatar

    Good creative things at handmade

  48. Ajay Dumka Avatar

    Nice craft work beta well done

  49. Sunil Avatar

    Great keep it up

  50. Sunil Avatar
  51. Kshitij Dumka Avatar

    Well done .keep it up

  52. Rahul Avatar

    Nice making

  53. Bhuwan Avatar

    Keep the work going

  54. kaushik Avatar

    more creative

  55. samarth Avatar


  56. Anjali Chaudhary Avatar

    Nicee…keep it up champ ❣️

  57. Rahul Bhatt Avatar

    Fantabulous work

  58. Rahul Bhatt Avatar

    Fantabulous work

  59. Pooja Avatar

    Amazing creativity

  60. Pankaj Avatar

    Beautifull craft

  61. Pankaj Avatar

    Wow wonderful

  62. Yogita Joshi Avatar

    Excellent job keep up.

  63. Mahak kabdal Avatar

    Very good kritika

  64. Suman Dumka Avatar

    Nice craft Well Done Keep it up

  65. Kshitij Dumka Avatar

    Well Done keep it up

  66. Gunjan Bhatt Avatar

    Excellent Creativity Keep it up

  67. Rohit Avatar
  68. Geeta dwivedi Avatar
  69. Sujal Joshi Avatar

    Creative girl
    Good job and keep it up

  70. Sujal Joshi Avatar

    Creative girl
    Good job and keep it up

  71. Dia Avatar

    Talented tiny tot..
    Our kritika❣️

  72. Joshi Avatar

    Nice creativity

  73. Diya Avatar

    Keep it up tiny tot !

  74. Vaishali Avatar

    Nice work keep it up little girl✨ .

  75. Kamal bhatt Avatar

    Good job and keep it up

  76. Mansi Tiwari Avatar

    Excellent and beautiful performance ❤️❤️

  77. Mansi Tiwari Avatar

    Beautiful performance ❤️❤️

  78. Janki devi Avatar

    Keep going ♥️

  79. Vinod bhatt Avatar


  80. Nawal sijwali Avatar

    Great effort by Kritika

  81. Pankaj kandpal Avatar

    Keep it up..
    Good job cutie

  82. Hridyanshi Avatar

    Amazing!! Keep it up dear

  83. Raju Avatar
  84. Hridyanshi Avatar

    Your craft just got my heart

  85. Sati Avatar

    Fabulous work

  86. Vikash Chaudhary Avatar

    Nice craft by waste material

  87. Usha Kandpal Avatar

    Nice creativity

  88. Bhawna Bhatt Avatar

    Wonderful kritika

  89. Ratnesh Joshi Avatar

    Nice craft diligently prepared

  90. Mony D Avatar

    Beautifully done and very creative piece of art! Well done cutie pie. Lovely art.

  91. JYOTI Avatar

    Wonderful Performance

  92. Sumitra devi tripathi Avatar

    Wow !
    Such a lovely craft done by kritika.

  93. Rakesh Avatar

    Great keep it up…

  94. Deepika thuwal Avatar

    Good use of waste material..keep growing

  95. Pankaj joshi Avatar

    Good keep it up champ

  96. Shyam Avatar

    Great beta ji

  97. Girish Chandra Palariya Avatar

    बुद्धिमत्तापूर्ण रचनात्मक कलात्मक प्रदर्शन

  98. Kartikey Avatar

    Very well craft… Beautiful

  99. Pankaj Bisht Avatar

    great! keep it up.

  100. Sumit Avatar

    Beautiful and well crafted , keep it up kiddo

  101. Puran Bhandari Avatar

    Superb craft presentation!

  102. Ajay Kumar Avatar

    Very nice and fabulous creativity.

  103. Siya Avatar

    Awesome cute little baby
    Nice try

  104. Prateek Sachdeva Avatar

    Very good keep it up little champ

  105. Shailendra Avatar

    Keep doing.. nice work

  106. Vijay Avatar

    perfectly done, beautiful and amazing

  107. Omendra Avatar

    Nice Idea to make the crafts at home…… Also this type of activities can Increase the creativity of kids.

  108. Kaille Avatar

    Good job and creativity

  109. Dinesh joshi Avatar

    Nice creativity

  110. Ritika Avatar

    Well done…. Keep it up ❤

  111. JCBhatt Avatar

    At this age we can see the confidence,

  112. Anshu Avatar

    Superb attitude ….. Hats of to enthusiasm keep it up …..

  113. Mayank Raina Avatar

    Beautiful Stationary Stand ..

  114. Garima Avatar

    Really it’s awesome.!!

  115. Gaurav Dhyani Avatar

    Nice craft and beautiful work.

  116. Divijender yadav Avatar

    Very nice…best of luck beta

  117. deepu Avatar

    beautiful…keep it up

  118. Bipin Chandra Tripathi Avatar

    Very nice beta keep it up. Choti si bacchi main itana confidence ! wah! zabardat!

  119. Neeru Tripathi Avatar

    very nice kirtika!

  120. Riya K Avatar

    Nice creativity in a very small age

  121. Girish joshi Avatar

    Nice craft work excellent

  122. Jaya Avatar

    Nice craft work out of waste ♥️

  123. Bhawana bhatt Avatar

    Excellent work beta

  124. Dhanya Avatar

    Good use of waste!! Nice work

  125. Ruby Joshi Avatar

    Awesome craft! Reflects innovative & creative bent of mind of the sweet little artist!!

  126. Mahesh Avatar

    Nice craft making from waste

  127. Megha Avatar

    Superb creativity..all the best beta

  128. Renu Avatar

    Excellent work

  129. Nirmal Avatar

    Excellent craft work done by little one

  130. Rohit Sagar Avatar

    Nice craft good work

  131. Hema Bhatt Avatar

    Nice presentation

  132. Rachna Avatar

    Wow amazing keep going and God bless you

  133. Sushant Avatar

    Wow amazing creativity

  134. Dinesh Avatar

    Good work. Keep it UP!

  135. Priya Avatar

    Nice craft work

  136. Naveen pandey Avatar

    बहुत सुंदर ।।। छोटी बिटिया के द्वारा अच्छा प्रयास।।

  137. Naveen pandey Avatar

    सुंदर प्रयास छोटी बिटिया के द्वारा।।। भगवान आपको खूब तरक्की दे

  138. Priyanshu Avatar

    Excellent work beta ❤️❤️

  139. Priyanshu Avatar

    Amazing keep growing beta❤️

  140. Anjali Avatar

    Excellent craft

  141. Rahul Avatar
  142. Mohit Avatar

    Very nice keep it up

  143. Manish Avatar

    Do good work

  144. Ankush 3 Avatar

    Amazing craft work

  145. Khajan Kabdwal Avatar

    Amazing work by kritika.

  146. Kirti Pandey Avatar

    Very nice keep growing dear

  147. Nikita Joshi Avatar

    Fantastic keep growing baccha .

  148. Alankar Rahi Avatar

    So creative and beautiful

  149. Hemraj Negi Avatar

    So cute …intelligent girl best of luck….Brilliant, Bright future.

  150. Richa joshi Avatar

    V good amazing creativity

  151. Rashmi suyal Avatar
  152. Vipin Nagar Avatar

    Fabulous, an initiative towards creativity of thought,
    God bless you

  153. Rajeev Avatar

    Beautiful craft designed, good job, I liked it very much, super choti

  154. Rajeev Avatar

    Beautiful craft

  155. Rajeev Avatar

    Beautiful craft very creative mind

  156. Sweta Sanguri Avatar

    Great job Kritika❤️

  157. Charu Pandey Avatar

    Very nice craft…excellent

  158. Harshita Avatar

    Keep it up ☺️

  159. Rana Avatar

    Great talent in this young age. The way she was doing craft work was evident of the fact that she is really excellent. Her creativity desrves appreciation..

  160. Nikhilesh Avatar

    Great job by the little one…kudos to her effort…

  161. Nikhilesh Joshi Avatar

    Wonderful craft by the little one…

  162. Mohit Avatar

    Nice craft. Keep it up

  163. Rashmi suyal Avatar
  164. Vijay Joshi Avatar
    Vijay Joshi

    Well done Kritika..

  165. Vijay Joshi Avatar
    Vijay Joshi


  166. Rakhi Joshi Avatar

    Good job keep it up

  167. Kritika joshi Avatar

    Good job keep it up

  168. Manoj Panwar Avatar

    Nice presentation , keep it up !

  169. Paritosh Pandey Avatar

    Great efforts by little ones really appreciate…great going beta.

  170. Paritosh Pandey Avatar

    Great efforts by little ones really appreciate…great going.

  171. RAGHUBIR Tanwar Avatar

    Nice job
    Please keep it up

  172. Monu Chauhan Avatar

    Nice craft and good work

  173. Akash Avatar

    Good Job kritika

  174. Vinit Avatar

    Amazing work done by kritika. It is so beautiful

  175. Gopal Avatar

    Good creativity well done

  176. Bharat Premi Avatar

    Nice good keep it up

  177. Vikas Saini Avatar

    Superb creativity.
    perfect example of sustainability.

  178. Pooja Bisht Avatar

    Fabulous work by little kiddo

  179. Govind Thapa Avatar

    Good presentation

  180. Payal Avatar

    Nice craft work

  181. Gunjan Fulara Avatar

    Nice craft work betu..❤️

  182. Gunjan Fulara Avatar

    Nice craft work betu..❤️ keep growing

  183. Poonam badhani Avatar

    Wow mice craft little princess

  184. Subhradip Avatar

    Its too beautiful

  185. Jyoti bisht Avatar

    Nice work well done

  186. Priya Avatar

    Nice ♥️

  187. Kiran joshi Avatar

    Excellent work. Keep it up

  188. Rana Avatar

    Small kid is doing handcraft in Excellent way. She desrves appreciation. She is having great talent.

  189. Soni joshi Avatar

    Good creativity

  190. Satish Kumar Avatar

    Amazing craft keep it up

  191. Shalini Sanwal Avatar

    Keep going girl. Creative mind should be nourished. All the best fir your bright future.

  192. Vimal Chandra pathak Avatar

    Great efforts by little ones really appreciate…great going Kritika

  193. Vimal Chandra pathak Avatar

    Great efforts by little ones really appreciate…great going Kritika,

  194. Vimal Chandra pathak Avatar

    Great efforts by little ones really appreciate

  195. Ranjeet singh karayat Avatar

    Very beautiful art and craft creativity
    Child is excellent and deserves appreciation

  196. nitin Avatar

    Small kid is doing handcraft in Excellent way. She deserves appreciation. She is having great talent.

  197. nitin Avatar

    Wow very beautiful

  198. Sudesh rajput Avatar

    Very nice handcraft

  199. Anup kumar Avatar

    Nice craft beta good keep it up

  200. Sunil Kumar Avatar

    It’s nice activity to encourage kids

  201. Sunil kumar Avatar

    So beautiful so lovely work

  202. Jyoti Avatar

    Excellent performance

  203. M.khan Avatar

    Good activity it is very creative
    Best of luck

  204. Trilochan ruwali Avatar

    Very nice keep it up

  205. Dhoni Avatar

    So beautiful abd creative

  206. Priya Avatar

    Beautifull and lovely from waste

  207. Ashish Rawat Avatar

    Great work done by kritika from waste to wonder ..god blessed her

  208. Manju Avatar
  209. Yogeeta B Joshi Avatar

    Excellent….Good Job..Keep it up…

  210. Pramod Bhatt Avatar

    superb! God bless you…..

  211. Pramod Bhatt Avatar

    superb! God bless you……best wishes

  212. Sumit goel Avatar

    Excellent confidence…. Very much appreciated…
    Keep it up and keed this confidence forever

  213. Kammu Avatar

    Nice and amazing

  214. Ankit Avatar

    Nice Creative done by sweet girl

  215. Manju Avatar

    Super craft op

  216. Anuj Avatar

    Nice craft beta
    Well done

  217. Deepesh Avatar

    Good effort by kritika well done

  218. Deepak Avatar

    Nice work by kittu

  219. Pradeel Avatar

    Amazing and fabulous

  220. Karan singh Avatar

    Very nice craft.

  221. Lokesh Kumar Avatar

    Excellent work keep it up.

  222. Pooran Singh Avatar

    Nice . Well done

  223. Ashish Avatar

    Very Nice Craft

  224. K n joshi Avatar

    Excellent performance. Keep it up always.

  225. Anil Kumar Avatar

    Excellent keep it up

  226. Asif Khan Avatar

    Very good , keep it up

  227. Ananya Avatar

    It’s amazing bccha♥️

  228. Dhruv Avatar

    Wonderful ✨

  229. Isha Avatar

    Keep growing

  230. Chanchal Tewari Avatar

    बहुत सुंदर कृतिका.. ऐसे ही अच्छे अच्छे क्राफ्ट्स बनाते रहो शाबाश।
    बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएं
    खुश रहो।

  231. Sanjeev Avatar

    Nice making from waste
    Good job
    Well done beta

  232. Utkarsh Pandey Avatar
  233. Hema Avatar

    Nice from unused waste

  234. Arvind chauhan Avatar

    Very very nice craft

  235. Manoj Avatar

    Well done beta

  236. Sandeep Avatar

    Nice beta well done

  237. Manoj Pagwani Avatar

    Very Nice, Keep it Up. Good…

  238. Pawan Avatar

    Nice, great job

  239. Pawan Avatar
  240. Praveen Gunwant Avatar

    Nice craft and design. Very impressive !

  241. Mradul Avatar

    Amazing craft

  242. Harpreet Avatar

    Creative mind

  243. Lalit Avatar

    Superior and ceative

  244. Jitesh Avatar

    Nice creativity

  245. Ashish Avatar

    Superb well done

  246. Abhishek Avatar

    Good job beta
    God bless you

  247. Gulshan Avatar

    Creative work done by kritika

  248. Ankit Avatar

    Superb kritika

  249. Ramesh Avatar

    Great effort by kritika

  250. Chandram Avatar

    Excellent work
    Keep it up

  251. Pooja Bhandari Avatar

    Superb well done baby.girls power …….

  252. Raju Avatar

    Nice work done by kritika

  253. Pooja Bhandari Avatar

    Great work …girls power…

  254. Pooja Bhandari Avatar

    Hats off …..for Littles hard work

  255. Rafia Avatar

    Well done cutie pie

  256. Deepak Joshi Avatar

    Good Job…Keep it up

  257. Shiv ratan Avatar

    Great picture and work

  258. K n joshi Avatar

    Excellent creativity

  259. Nakul Avatar

    Nice making

  260. Gopesh Avatar

    Very good keep it up

  261. Neha Patni Avatar

    Such a beautiful creation cutie pie❤️ well done my child❤️

  262. Deepak Bhaiya Avatar

    Nice craft baccha ❤️

  263. Sunita Singh Avatar

    Amazing work…. well done !

  264. Neha Avatar


  265. Pooja Avatar

    Very…gud excellent

  266. Neema bhatt Avatar
  267. Hema Bhatt Avatar

    Excellent kritika

  268. Santosh kumar Avatar

    Exelent work on project .

  269. Shubham Avatar

    Excellent work

  270. Himani joshi Avatar

    Nice craft by waste material

  271. Pankan Avatar

    Nice great work

  272. Pankaj Avatar

    Nice great work

  273. Sanjay Avatar

    Nice craft
    Well done

  274. Neha Joshi Avatar

    Amazing work …keep going ..

  275. Yogi Avatar
  276. Karan Avatar

    Excellent work

  277. Akash Avatar

    Extra ordinary work

  278. Santosh Avatar

    Fabolous work

  279. Ruchi Avatar

    Such a beautiful craft

  280. Anju Avatar

    Very nice pen holder

  281. Nitu Avatar

    Nice from unused

  282. Manoj Avatar

    Well done good job

  283. Rajpal Avatar

    Well done keep it up

  284. Yashok Avatar

    Superb work by kritika

  285. Ruchi Avatar

    Sach a beautiful craft

  286. Tanuj Avatar
  287. Khushbu Sharma Avatar
  288. Divyanshi Avatar

    Excellent work love it

  289. Sweta Avatar

    Amazing craft superbly done by little champ!

  290. Pooja joshi Avatar

    Nice creativity… keep it up and God bless you…

  291. Sweta Avatar

    Amazing craft superbly done by the little champ!

  292. Sweta Singh Avatar

    Amazingly crafted work!

  293. Mradul sahu Avatar

    Very nice . Good keep it up

  294. Mradul sahu Avatar

    Very nice . Good keep it up

  295. Nawal Avatar
  296. Nawal sijwali Avatar

    Great effort by Kritika

  297. Komal pandey Avatar

    Superb work well done

  298. Lata pandey Avatar

    Very beautiful pencil stand

  299. Kanishka Negi Avatar

    Keep it up choti, well done

  300. Sanch chauhan Avatar

    Nice craft …keep it up……

  301. Jagjeet Avatar

    Amazing craft work Kritika…keep it up..

  302. Purvi Avatar

    Very good!!

  303. Aashish Avatar

    Well done kid

  304. Raj Avatar
  305. Partho Avatar

    All the best

  306. Rashmi Avatar


  307. Ansab Avatar
  308. Manvi Avatar

    Amazing craft !

  309. Pankaj Avatar

    Excellent work

  310. Chanchal Avatar

    Very good beta

  311. Abhijeet Avatar

    Well done keep it up

  312. Ramesh Avatar

    So good bccha ese hi taraki kro♥️

  313. Arham Avatar


  314. Hansi Avatar

    Best from waste

  315. Umesh bhatt Avatar

    Yehhhhhh so good✨

  316. Vivek Avatar

    Excellent work

  317. Lokesh Avatar

    Nice making beta

  318. Ashwini Avatar

    Creative work

  319. Alok Avatar

    well done!!!!

  320. Bahutik Avatar

    nice work and cute

  321. Danu Avatar

    Properly handle by little girl

  322. Angle Avatar

    Nice and usefull craft from waste

  323. Krish Avatar

    Fabolous craft

  324. Usha Avatar

    Nice craft by little

  325. Jyoti Avatar

    Creative craft

  326. Siddhi pandey Avatar

    Nice to see your devotion toward work.

  327. Charu Avatar
  328. Rohit Avatar

    So good to see this creativity

  329. Lalit Avatar

    Nice and creative

  330. Rajiv Avatar

    Really nice

  331. Sanjana Avatar
  332. Sabina Avatar

    Really great

  333. Poonam koranga Avatar

    Excellent.. Bless you Baby

  334. Siddhi Avatar

    Creative work by kritika

  335. Kalpana singh Avatar

    Keep it up ♥️

  336. Aashi Avatar

    Just looking like a wow

  337. Lalita pandey Avatar

    Mera hoshiyaar bccha♥️

  338. Nitish Avatar

    Good one, keep it up

  339. Geet sharma Avatar

    Excellent keep it up

  340. Sudha S Avatar

    Good job, girl! Keep it up!

  341. Harpreet Avatar

    Good job, great

  342. Nitin Avatar

    Nice craft from waste material

  343. Sonal Avatar
  344. Anjali Avatar

    Nice creativity

  345. Lokesh Avatar

    Beautifully done

  346. ASHISH Avatar

    Excellent work

  347. Arjun Gangwar Avatar

    Adorable talent keep it up❤️

  348. CHANCHAL Avatar

    Well done good job

  349. Sruti Avatar

    Good job Keep it up

  350. Satvik Avatar

    Wow nice making

  351. Aditya Avatar

    Well done chanp

  352. Amit Avatar

    Nice making

  353. Ravi Avatar

    Very creative and beautiful work kritika
    Keep it up!!

  354. Mohit Avatar

    Nice craft from waste

  355. Nagendra Avatar
  356. Ranjeet Avatar

    Excellent work by kritika

  357. Sumit Avatar

    Creative work

  358. Vikas Avatar

    Nice and amazing work

  359. Nisha Avatar

    Nice one kritika

  360. Savita Avatar

    Well done
    Good job

  361. सुरेंद्र रावत Avatar

    सो क्यूट इन बच्चों के टैलेंट को और बड़ाना चाहिए

  362. Amba Avatar

    Nice creativity

  363. Amit Avatar

    Nice well done

  364. Anjali Avatar

    Good job beta

  365. Ankit Avatar

    She is amazing
    Good work

  366. Maheshwari Avatar

    Good keep it up

  367. Sandeep Avatar

    Well done beta

  368. Alkesh Avatar

    Creative work

  369. Bhavik Avatar

    Well done beta

  370. Kuldeep Avatar
  371. Gauri Avatar

    Nice making from waste

  372. Shankar Avatar

    Good job well done beta