Prasha – II C


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  1. Ramakant Avatar

    Very beautiful and amazing creative art with great use of waste materials

  2. Ruchi sharma Avatar

    Lovely keep it up!

  3. Shashi Avatar

    So nice and overwhelming work well done beta keep it up

  4. Charvi Avatar

    Excellent performance

  5. Khushbu shekhawat Avatar

    Very nice..Keet it up

  6. Chandan Jangid Avatar

    Well done Prasha beta

  7. Pooja Sharma Avatar

    So beautiful so elegant just looking like a wowwww

  8. Suhani Sharma Avatar

    Excellent work done by beautiful little girl….well done baccha….!

  9. Minnie Sharma Avatar

    Superb…very good…excellent…❤️❤️

  10. Vinita Sharma Avatar

    Awesome work done❤️

  11. Yash Vardhan Sharma Avatar

    Excellent performance

  12. Harsh Avatar

    Excellent performance

  13. Sapna Mishra Avatar

    Beautiful flower pot made by prasha

  14. Arpit Avatar

    It’s beautiful ❤️

  15. Chanchal Avatar

    Very nice beautifulSharma

  16. Abhi Avatar

    Good singer

  17. Sarla Avatar

    Very good, keep up

  18. Rajesh Avatar

    What wonderful creativity

  19. Kamal jangir Avatar

    Very nice
    Save environment & save Earth

  20. Yash Vardhan Sharma Avatar

    Excellent art according to her standard

  21. Yash 25 Avatar

    Splinded crafting

  22. Pooja Sharma Avatar

    Awesome art by Lil girl

  23. Shaurya Avatar

    Marvelous art

  24. Shaurya Avatar

    Nice art keep going on

  25. Khushbu shekhawat Avatar

    Very nice .. Keep growing

  26. Sonia Shekhawat Avatar

    Too good pretty girl

  27. Priyanka jaiswal Avatar

    Kya baat h puji kmaal h

  28. Khushi Avatar

    Very great job

  29. Akash Yadav Avatar

    Keep shining little angelRecycling and reusing the valuable waste material can result in development of usable products. Rather than putting these waste materials into the landfills

  30. Payal naruka Avatar
  31. Neha Avatar

    Wow very nice port
    Very well done….

  32. Shashi Avatar

    Vits very beautiful

  33. Priyaka Malhotra Avatar

    Too good pretty girl

  34. Rohit Arora Avatar

    What wonderful creativity

  35. Manvi jangid Avatar

    It is so awesome and so profitable…it is so elegant..I am proud of you…keep rocking

  36. Manvi jangid Avatar

    It is so awesome…and so profitable… I am proud of you …keep rocking and shine like star⭐

  37. Garima Sharma Avatar

    Superb work
    ….keep shining

  38. Kartik jangid Avatar

    Fantasti, didi
    Best use of waste material

  39. Mamta jangid Avatar

    It’s so beautiful ❤️

  40. Lovisha jangid Avatar

    Exceptional ✨, wowww didi

  41. Vijay Kumar manotiya Avatar

    Enovative & creative ideas

  42. Shaurya Avatar

    Bohot badhiya

  43. Priti Singh Avatar

    Well done good work

  44. Rajbala Avatar

    Most beautiful

  45. Shubham jangir Avatar

    Very creative
    Environment protection

  46. Grishma jangir Avatar
  47. Rohit Arora Avatar
  48. Bhanu partap Avatar

    Very good
    Best use out of waste

  49. Anand Avatar

    Wow..great work…nice use of material around us..all the best

  50. Rekha barwa Avatar

    Save Earth &clean

  51. Garvi Avatar
  52. Dimpy Avatar

    Good content

  53. gautam sharma Avatar
  54. Vinod Kumar Avatar

    Beautiful flower pot made by prasha

  55. Rti Avatar

    So beautiful creativity Gudiya Rani ☺️

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